Where to get Eggnog

2018 Nov 28
Chickens have nipples????

And yah, Farmboy.

2018 Nov 27
Farm Boy has their house brand in the glass bottles. I picked some up at the McRae store.

2018 Nov 27
Anyone happen to see chicken milk on shelves anywhere yet?

2015 Nov 28
Reid Dairy's egg nog is very good. I wish we had easier access to their products in Ottawa, but if Cochrane's are going to resell it then that's good too.

2015 Nov 27
Cochrane's Dairy says:
"Reid's Dairy have agreed to do a special batch of egg nog for us. It will be called Gourmet Egg Nog. It will be made with cream. Look forward to trying it!"

2011 Dec 22
Bought a litre of Harmony Organics eggnog - truly the best I have ever tasted. I grew up on the PC eggnog (when it came in the black carton) and always loved it, so that's my frame of reference. This one is creamy, not overly sweet, and has an incredibly delicate flavour. Even though I'm the only one drinking it, I'm glad I got the big bottle :)

2011 Dec 15
Cochrane's eggnog is awesome. It's like christmas in my mouth, but without all those nasty pine needles this time.

2011 Dec 14
I don't do dairy so I picked up the Vitasoy Holly Nog. It's delicious and I made an awesome smoothie with it:

-1/2 cup Holly Nog
-1/2 cup rice milk
-1 frozen banana
-ground nutmeg
-ground cinnamon
-I scoop vanilla protein powder (brown rice)

It was really tasty and great for breakfast :)

2011 Dec 14
Have picked up Harmony Organic's eggnog at Herb and Spice. In glass jar.

Also, picked up Organic Meadow's eggnog in carton at Farm Boy.

Both were lovely. Darling husband is the true expert in our house and he gave the nod to Harmony Organic.

I only see eggnog at this time of the year.

I get that many won't like the organic price tag of Harmony Organic eggnog; however, our premise is that life is too short to be drinking the cheap chemical stuff. We have it once a year and consider it a Christmas present to ourselves.

Love to hear what others are drinking.

2011 Dec 14
Best decision that I made this weekend was to put eggnog on my shredded wheat. We ran out of milk.

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2008 Aug 31
I don't like eggnog... except this one. I don't know if its the nog-to-egg ratio but man is it good.

I didn't know about the bottle deposit... to bad, I could have saved up the bottles and brought them back to exchange for another eggnog.

2008 Feb 20
Personally, its by far and away the best eggnog I've ever had. I've never made homemade eggnog nor have I had ever had homemade eggnog so I can't say how it compares to others.

I would like to add a comment in light of zymurgist's comments on the deposit.

With regards to the deposit. I have bought the eggnog lots over the years and what I was always told, by Aubrey's owner (Brian if I remember correctly) was that Cochrane dairy had a deposit on the bottles to ensure they got them back as they have ran into shortages in the past. They now use plastic bottles but up until Christmas 2006 (I think it was then), they used old fashioned glass milk bottles. At that time, I believe the deposit was $3 per bottle.

I am a semi-regular at Aubreys - meaning I buy almost all of my good quality meat there (say 15-20 visits per year), and it would strike me as odd for them to do what zymurgist recounted. I am not doubting at all that someone said that, I am just curious if it was one of their core employees or a new or temporary one. It would be very out of character for them in my experience. .


2007 Dec 5
I bought some of this when I was down buying my thanksgiving turkey this year. Yup, it's really good, but I cannot say it was significantly better than anything else I've ever had. Then again maybe I'm just not an eggnog feinschmecker. One thing I really didn't like was there is a $1 deposit on the container. The guy told me straight up that it's just a ploy to get me back into the store to return it. Pretty crappy if you ask me. And it didn't get me back, it just got me upset about the whole thing.