Where to get Eggnog

2019 Aug 19
The egg nog I made was stored at room temperature, it was a hit over the holidays with the relatives. Thought it might be too strong at first taste, but it was actually quite smooth.

I simply mixed all the ingredients together in a big bowl and then funneled it into beer bottles that I capped and stored in the closet.

I still have a couple bottles left in the fridge, will bust them out again this Christmas. Might make another batch this fall and do a side by side comparison, though the random leftover alcohol I use will surely be different.

2019 Jan 2
The recipe from the salmonella experiment can be found here:

or just search for Dr. Rebecca Lancefield egg nog recipe

I will try a half batch for the 2019 season. Will report back. I like the idea of it being refrigerated rather than being in the closet.

2018 Dec 22
Thanks G-Lo for the recipe. Are you storing that at room temperature?? Are you using a water trap or anything to seal the vessel? The image in my head is of a 5 gallon food safe bucket from Home Depot sitting in a clothes closet. I also assume you start with homogenized milk, and use whipping cream. Bringing the average milk fat level to about 9% before adding alcohol.

I went to Rainbow foods on Richmond - same mall as Farmboy. The bottle cap of Harmony organics at $8.99 looks the same as the bottle cap of Farm Boy at $6.99. Both add a $2 deposit. Bought the Farm Boy - it is good, but is missing the thicker creamy texture that I seek.

2018 Dec 13
That's just science!

Regarding the topic of egg nog, the Farm Boy Organic is very good.

Cochrane's is now delivering milk from Laiterie de l'Outaouais. We get it in plastic jugs and it tastes the same as in bottles. It tastes the same as Cochrane's before this. There is no listing on the price sheet for egg nog.

2018 Dec 13
Make your own? I have some aging in the closet for at least a month now.

I did half of this recipe my friend gave me:

Recipe for about 10 - 12 L:
-48 egg yolks
-4 L milk
-1 L heavy cream
-6 cups of sugar
-enough booze to get it around 16 - 20% ABV, usually 4 - 5 L of decent
proof booze (selection changes year to year, but mostly consists of the
partial bottles of rum, whiskey, brandy, etc that I'm looking to clear out
each year)
-light spices (cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, etc)

Let it rest for at least a month so the alcohol can sterilize any possible bacteria like salmonella, etc.

An experiment showing how the alcohol kills salmonella over time:

2018 Dec 11
Not sure what qualifies as real but Whole Foods is selling Harmony Organic and itís pretty clucking good.

2018 Dec 11
Yes Cochran's still delivers, but they stopped producing any product a few years ago. Last time I checked (a few years ago) they were distributing Hewitt's milk from Hagersville near Hamilton. We stopped home delivery, as the cost and environmental impact of hauling glass bottles 1000 km up and back down the 401 did not make sense. I understand that now Hewitt's and Brum's (Pembroke) are now part of the Gay Lea family, and non-dairy additives are now part of the products.

Still in search for real egg nog.

2018 Dec 2
Clarification. Cochraneís is still in business and delivering to me weekly. Not sure about egg nog still but I hate the stuff.

2018 Dec 1
Cochrane's hasn't been in business for years. Stop looking for it.

2018 Nov 29
There is nothing like kicking off the season with a little lait de poule :) If you are looking for some, Cochrane's eggnog has been popular on this site as well as Harmony Organics. I haven't checked the stores yet but if it isn't available yet it should be soon.



2008 Aug 31
I don't like eggnog... except this one. I don't know if its the nog-to-egg ratio but man is it good.

I didn't know about the bottle deposit... to bad, I could have saved up the bottles and brought them back to exchange for another eggnog.

2008 Feb 20
Personally, its by far and away the best eggnog I've ever had. I've never made homemade eggnog nor have I had ever had homemade eggnog so I can't say how it compares to others.

I would like to add a comment in light of zymurgist's comments on the deposit.

With regards to the deposit. I have bought the eggnog lots over the years and what I was always told, by Aubrey's owner (Brian if I remember correctly) was that Cochrane dairy had a deposit on the bottles to ensure they got them back as they have ran into shortages in the past. They now use plastic bottles but up until Christmas 2006 (I think it was then), they used old fashioned glass milk bottles. At that time, I believe the deposit was $3 per bottle.

I am a semi-regular at Aubreys - meaning I buy almost all of my good quality meat there (say 15-20 visits per year), and it would strike me as odd for them to do what zymurgist recounted. I am not doubting at all that someone said that, I am just curious if it was one of their core employees or a new or temporary one. It would be very out of character for them in my experience. .


2007 Dec 5
I bought some of this when I was down buying my thanksgiving turkey this year. Yup, it's really good, but I cannot say it was significantly better than anything else I've ever had. Then again maybe I'm just not an eggnog feinschmecker. One thing I really didn't like was there is a $1 deposit on the container. The guy told me straight up that it's just a ploy to get me back into the store to return it. Pretty crappy if you ask me. And it didn't get me back, it just got me upset about the whole thing.