Tea, scones, cakes, sandwiches, etc. Sometimes incorrectly referred to as High Tea.

Afternoon Tea at Zoé's Lounge
Where to get Afternoon Tea

2010 Dec 6
New User 3330 Which establishment did you eat in? Your comments are listed under "afternoon tea" as a food but not associated with a vendor. There are eight vendors listed here that offer afternoon tea - it would be helpful to your readers if we know which one you were reviewing...

2010 Dec 4
Horrible service experience! Food good, but servers dismissive to all patrons and very brusque and unpleasant to talk to. Never offered refills on hot water for tea (during Afternoon TEA), nor any more sandwiches, cakes, etc. Only pleasant server was the one serving the tea itself. For $34+, most expensive 3 finger sandwiches I've ever had (even compared to London, UK).

2006 Oct 14
Oh, you're quite right! I changed it now -- it's Afternoon Tea. Thanks.. pedants are quite welcome here. :-)

2006 Oct 13
At the risk of being a pedant, the term you're looking for is 'afternoon tea' not 'high tea'. High Tea is something completely different; it could be any hot meal taken in the evening. Google or Wikipedia can fill in the details.

That said, I like the Chateau for it, but I haven't tried anywhere else (in Ottawa).



2013 Sep 2
Fresh Foodie I'm jealous! Yep it looks like your scone is MUCH bigger (maybe quadruple in size) than the one I got. After hearing about your experience I am more upset with the Chateau Laurier than before - they had a chance to win over a customer but they lost my business. I was with an out-of-town friend who was put off enough that has asked me not to take her back there. Glad you liked your tea.

2013 Aug 31
We took the kids here for a once-in-a-lifetime snooty tea experience. It was fun! They offer "Prince and Princess Tea" for children, with a slightly reduced portion and more kid-friendly foods.

While my daughter chose Jasmine green tea, my son opted for the hot chocolate. It arrived as a huge portion in its own teapot! My photo includes the cupcake that comes with the kids' tea.

Pasta lover's experience was unfortunate, and can only be attributed to the fact that she wasn't in the "afternoon tea" section of the restaurant. Our fruit salad was small, but not *that* small -- about 8 pieces of strawberry, pineapple, honeydew, and canteloupe, served in a martini glass. The Devon cream and strawberry preserves are absolutely critical for enjoyment of the scones! They were already on the table when we were seated, which probably explains why Pasta lover's waiter overlooked them in her case.

If you pile the clotted cream high on your scones (see pic), this little afternoon tea contains more than enough calories to be considered a meal. The sandwiches are tiny, but four quarter-sandwiches makes one whole sandwich. They are relatively bland (in an appropriately English way). The pound cake and fruit tart are fine, but wouldn't win any culinary awards.

Overall, the real stars of the afternoon tea are:
* The TEA itself. Good quality, nicely steeped.
* The scones with clotted cream and preserves. Decadent and delicious!
* The environment and atmosphere. This is what people really come for.

Service was fantastic. Ice water was brought without asking and kept refilled as needed. We forgot to ask for the cheese to be left off my daughter's ham and cheese sandwich, so we flagged down our server some time later and asked if it was too late to make the change. Her reply: "Oh yes, the order is just coming out, but I'll bring you another sandwich without cheese." Yeah, afternoon tea is an expensive treat here, but when they bend over backwards to correct the *customer's* mistake, that's pretty amazing!

2013 Apr 10
I met up with a friend for lunch at Zoe's recently. We hadn't seen each other in many years. We were looking for a quiet place for lunch so we can catch up on old news and Zoe's seemed to fit the bill. I was hoping for afternoon tea but the waitress mentioned that it is only served in one part of the resto and that they were fully booked that day. Although she mentioned that reservations are pretty well a must for afternoon tea she spoke with the waiter who happily obliged to serve me tea anyway.

After we were seated I asked for a Traditional Tea. My dining companion wanted something more substantial so she ordered fish and chips.

My afternoon tea started with a miniscule fruit salad served in a liquer glass and included one square of canteloupe, one square of honeydew melon, a strawberry and a grape. I got four dainty sandwiches consisting of a cucumber watercress sandwich, an egg sandwich, a smoked turkey sandwich, and a smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich. Each "sandwich" was one quarter of a regular sandwich. I think they forgot the watercress in the cucumber sandwich and the cream cheese in the salmon sandwich. My tea included two tiny scones - a regular one and a cranberry one - minus the jam and Devonshire cream that is normally included. My tea included two tiny pastries - a fruit tart and a lemon pound cake. Also included was a tea of my choice so I picked Earl Grey. I am not a big eater by any stretch of the imagination and am quite happy to see some restos reducing the portions they are serving but I needed a microscope to find my lunch that day. I also found the $32 price tag for what I got was a little steep. The one thing I enjoyed the most was the tea - it is always fresh and have never been disappointed.

My friend's fish and chips were somewhat more successful. The fish consisted of beer battered haddock. She gave me a piece and it was the moistest fish I've ever had. The chips were thinly sliced potatoes so they were served potato chip style as opposed to the french fries I am accustomed to. I stole one from her plate and we agreed they were very greasy.

Even though I had a lovely catch-up with my friend and excellent service from the staff I would not rush back anytime soon for the food.

2007 Jun 29
I love going here for afternoon tea. They now offer you a choice of sandwiches so that was nice and the scones and tarts are delicious!! The waiter brings over a huge crat filled with all the loose teas to choose from and will answer any questions you have.
Get a seat at the front near the window so you can have a view of the street. Great way to enjoy the afternoon with some friends and chat.


2008 Dec 7
I am new to Ottawa, and was seeking a place to find high quality loose leaf tea. A friend recommended a great little shop called Nectar in the west end. When I arrived I noticed that they were no longer all that little, and had expanded and were offering light tea luncheons, and other fresh foods from a cute menu that changes weekly. Also they do serve a great afternoon tea. The food was amazing and the service was friendly and knowledgeable. Anyone seeking quality tea and a great experience should for sure check them out. I will be back for sure.