Lahmacun (Mid-East Meat Pie) at Al Noor Bakery
Where to get Lahmacun (Mid-East Meat Pie)

2010 Mar 18
THE best are at the ALLADIN bakery, also on St. Laurent, but across from Food Basics. IMO, much better than Mid-East store ones. They also have a location on Carling, but I haven't been there.

2007 Sep 28
Sorry to revive this - but did anyone find out if Efe's serves lahmacun? I don't see it listed on their website menu...

2007 Apr 21
There's a Turkish restaurant on Preston Street called Efe's - you could try there?

2006 Dec 18
I bought it at the Middle Eastern Market on St. Laurent. Very tasty and reminds me of afternoons in Selcuk. Anybody know a restaurant that serves it? There used to be a turkish cafe on Bank but it's long since gone.

2013 Jan 1
Tasty and fresh, well seasoned and satisfying. Everything lahmacun should be!

2007 Nov 29
I had one last night and it was so good. With spice and lemon. Warm, delicious meaty goodness.

2007 Sep 20
I agree.. the meat & cheese pies are delish!

2007 Sep 16
The meat pie is excellent and freshly warmed for you in the oven when you order. This place is worth mentioning for its cheap prices: the pies will run you 1.50$ - 2.50$.