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The Honest Lawyer
The Honest Lawyer
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2011 May 30
As a young, immature, geeky 20-something male, I love the honest lawyer. It's a great bar, I love going there and having fun.

As a foodie....not so much love. I tend to eat before, or after I go there. Not so much there. Food is not their focus, and it shows. Most of the time, the food is bland, or overcooked. The drinks selection is great though.

2011 May 23
Was at the Lawyer last night mainly because every other bar in the market was bursting at the seems. Furthermore it would have been virtually impossible to find a bar that could seat 8 without a reservation.

This place is totally a Chuckie Cheese for Adults. It's kind of fun, and they do have a couple of decent beers. They have Creemore, Leffe brun and Rickards Red, so at least the beer selection doesn't totally suck. Most people there however were drinking Molson Canadian or Blue, Sigh.

It's kind of fun to play arcade games after a few drinks, but it's also fun to watch sketchy, washed up older guys “try” to hit on 20 year old's. It has a "le bop" (the bar/club in Hull) vibe in certain ways.

Meh. Not my favorite place in Ottawa, but it'll due every now and then.

Yesterday I tried the food. Definitely mediocre pub food, but it wasn't that bad. I had the "Border Patrol Fries". Kind of fitting since I work for Canada Border Services Agency - thus my friends egged me on to try it. These were pretty much ‘irish nachos’, a dish I have seen at other pubs.

It was waffle fries, topped with your standard nacho ingredients. It’s hard to screw this up. The fries had a tasty seasoning on them as well. These were pretty ok. Took care of a short term muchie fix.

2011 May 23
My buddy had a burger. He said it was actually very good. I didn’t try it, but it looked pretty good to me. It’s funny, the presentation at The Honest Lawyer was actually better than “The Exchange” in the mall.

Oddly fun, passable food, a few good beers, great people watching opportunities, and the dj last night was playing some sick old school hip hop all night.

Recipe for a good night every once and while. But ultimately this would be option #12 on my list of go-to places in the market on any given night. Not really my scene.

2006 Dec 10
I've only ever been there for a friend's bachlorette party. I don't know anyone brave enough to eat there. Kind of reminds me of a Chuck E. Cheese for people in their early twenties, and sketchy older guys hoping to meet younger girls.

2006 Dec 10
Yuck. Burned nachos and cold chicken wings. More of a pick-up joint than a good place to eat.