Foods from The Cottage and a Kitchen

2012 May 7
rip cottage: ok-decent food and an unassuming no-shouting-to-be-heard sort of place - a declining species in the Ottawa-pub ecosystem.

2012 May 7
I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.

2012 May 7
I heard that the owners sold the Cottage and a Kitchen to condo developers.

2012 May 7
We walked by on Friday, hoping to stop in for an early evening beer. Sadly, they have closed. Could there be a new resto opening at this location or will the building be removed for yet another condo building on northern Parkdale?

2009 Jun 14
a friendly, laid-back pub that shoots above the norm (for its genre). I tend to shy away from their veggie stir-fries, but have had good luck w/ their pastas and specials that are often pretty decent for their price point.

Probably what makes this place work is the service and ambiance: the ever-present manager has good rapport, and an understated wit. The ambiance underscores its name -- its really like a cottage, a place you'd never feel out of place drinking solo, reading a paper and listening to the '80s Brit post-punk / ska music playing (softly) in the background ... whatever. Board games available, inc. trivial pursuit if you're short on conversation.

They've still got a decent microbrew-ish orientation: 4-5 on tap, incl. Wellington, the local fav Beau's, and a couple others.

In short, nothing fancy -- a drinking place w/ buddies, somewhere i steer friends who might otherwise suggest the Royal Oak (etc.) or other places in the Tunney's locale.

2006 Nov 30
I like their chicken crÍpe.

If you are a big fan of Heritage breweries, you will love this place since they have a great selection of Ontario Microbrews on tap.


2007 Mar 12
Haven't been here in maybe 2 years, but they always used to have a decent selection of beer available - specialising mainly in Ontario Microbrews. I understand they still do, and currently serve Beau's All Natural among others.