Foods from Swiss Chalet

2014 May 7
The call came after I posted pretty much the exact same text to It's right on the receipt.

2014 May 6
"I got a call from the manager who was on duty, an apology, notification that their policies and behavior would be looked into, a general whipping of the staff and a couple of comped meals. "

No beheading followed by torture?

2014 May 6
I'm intrigued... did the call come *after* the post on this site?

2014 May 5
Okay, well ... I got a call from the manager who was on duty, an apology, notification that their policies and behavior would be looked into, a general whipping of the staff and a couple of comped meals.

All in all, a satisfactory resolution.

I mean, I like to complain about things as much as the next guy, but I only make an official complaint if it is warranted.

"Good thing I didn't mention the dirty spoon!"
- Monty Python

2014 May 5
I've run into that phenomenon, but i give it about 180 seconds then walk into the restaurant and ask for someone to come to the takeout window. I have no stake in challenging the fast food industry to live down to my expectations.

2014 May 5
Rizak, I totally get that.

2014 May 5
I was tired and kind of hungry and just couldn't be bothered at the time. I'd had a long day already and wasn't thinking it all the way through. When I finally had someone in front of me to get angry at, they were just not worth bothering with. It was obvious that they didn't care.

The food was fine in the end. I'd have to wait even longer for another order.

2014 May 5
Rizak, I'm curious why you would accept and pay for an order you knew had been sitting there for half an hour and was probably cold? After sitting and waiting to see how long it would take them to serve you, didn't you want a fresh order?

2014 May 5
I had an interesting experience last night at the Hampton Park location.

First let me say that the food was as expected. I had no problem with that.

I was using their online ordering system and it worked quite well. Select the store, input your order and you get a notification of when it will be ready sent to your email and displayed to the screen. That all worked perfectly. 15 minutes to get to the store to pick it up.

I got there in 12 or 13.

I went inside and stood at the takeout counter for 5 minutes. Nobody came out. I tried waving. No effect. The staff at the door were merrily seating the slow dribble of people coming in, but nobody came over to me. The manager was working too, but no notice.

After a while, I sat down on the bench. It became an experiment then. I wanted to see how long it would be before someone came out. I think I had a bit of a nap. Nobody came. My order had to have been bagged up and waiting inside.

25 MINUTES LATER someone else came in and wanted to make a takeout order. I told him the situation. He waited a couple of minutes, waved, then eventually went around the counter and banged on the service door. Another minute went by before someone came out and asked if she could take his order. He politely pointed out that I had been there before him. I asked if my order was ready and she asked if I could remember what was in it. I said it was likely the cold one right there by the door because I'd been waiting 30 minutes. She looked and said a perfunctory 'sorry' as she rang it up. No emotion at all. "sorrysiryourordercomestotwentyninethirtysixisthatcreditordebit."

I don't know what the hell was going on that night, but I hope it doesn't happen again.

2012 Oct 23
For what it's worth, i have never, ever, had an order screw up there when i walked in and did takeout that way, as opposed to the drive-thru.




2008 Feb 26
The chicken here is fast and reliable. There is nothing wrong with it in my opinion, except it isn't St. Hubert (aah, those BBQ spices, and that dipping sauce).

When it comes to Rotisserie Chicken, St. Hubert rules the roost!

2006 Dec 14
I have gone to Swiss Chalet four time in my life, and each time either very grudgingly or with a "Please get me out of here" look on my face. Personnaly, I strongly dislike the chicken from this place. Everytime I have gone, it is either too dry, too wet and one time, undercooked. However, as Fresh Foodie pointed out, the chocolates are a nice touch.


2007 Sep 22
They make a really tasty mango bellini.