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2009 Feb 18
Food Addict - I have to agree with Chimichimi & Fresh Foodie on this one... once the food is within your control then it's your responsibility... unless the restaurant can somehow be held responsible (ie the Server knocks over your beer). A June Bug on the patio is just an act of nature.

EDIT - So I'd expect a repour, but I'd still assume I'd be paying for the beer. But then I'm one of those people who usually expects when something goes wrong I'll get a replacement not a COMP... infact I see a Replacement as good as a COMP in most situations.

Zym - I totally agree with the coaster thing... I've even seen places that have coasters (not those regular cardboard beer advertising versions) that are plastic and have edges to them, and they fit perfectly over the top of one's glass.

GT RIP - LOL, here on OF a Review may indeed have an "expiry date", a Rant not so much. Food Addict clearly wasn't reviewing the food.

Captain C - Yup like that old joke... "Sssh or everyone else will want one too."

2009 Feb 18
Surely to goodness there is some culture out there that puts bugs in their beer.


If so .. They could have charged you more because you started with 'Domestic Beer' and ended up with an 'Import Beer'.

or ..

Time to start singing "Hey Bartender, There's a Big Bug in My Beer".

See ---> <---

(I think the 'Ol Captain has too much time on his hands)

2009 Feb 18
am I the only person thinking that commenting on junebugs in beer during the month of February is a bit 'past its expiry' whether for or against?

One thing thought, McDonald's is not analogous to a restaurant/pub/patio experience.

As a courtesy the waiter should offer a substitute drink, I get the commentator's point.

In any event

that bug

it's so dead right now it isn't worth discussing.

2009 Feb 18
As a general guideline I'd guess that once the server hands you your food or drink it becomes your responsibility. If anything bad happens to it after that, the restaurant is going above and beyond the required level of service if they replace it.

At McDonalds, people assume that if they drop their pop on the floor they should be given a free replacement. I've seen this happen! Of course McDonald's submits willingly because the drink is only worth a few cents to them. But come on... you drop your frigging drink, make the poor employee mop up your mess and then you want a free replacement?! Give me a break!

I agree that the June Bug in the beer isn't quite the same because there was no active negligence on the customer's part. But as Chimichimi points out, why should it be the restaurant's responsibility? If the restaurant is truly responsible for making customers happy then perhaps they should also waive the bill if you have an argument with your dining companion. ;-) I do agree that some restaurants might replace the drink unasked, but they are probably exceptional.

zym, thanks for the tip on using coasters to cover your beer! I'll keep that in mind -- good thing I don't like Hoegaarden much because I doubt a coaster could cover that glass!

2009 Feb 18
Thanks for for ur response to my comment, so basically u guys would a agree with the fact that they didnt offer to get us another beer, is'nt there some kind of common courtesy to make sure ur costumers are satisfied?

2009 Feb 18
That's what coasters are for. Did you know that coasters were invented by Germans and were originally for covering your drink to prevent this from happening? That's why in German they are called a "Deckel" which means "lid". I always use one in my back yard - you learn to hold it on with one finger. Very easy to do.

2009 Feb 18
I have a problem with this review (and I hate to defend Summerhays so this really expresses my objectivity here)... if you were sitting on the patio, how is Summerhays management responsible for controlling nature (ie, a june bug that flies into your drink)?! If you don't want nature messing with your consumables, eat indoors! /end rant

2009 Feb 18
Im so glad to have found this site, now I can share my unpleasent experience at SUMMERHAYS!
I usually go to Eastside Marios for some wings and drinks, last summer we decided to change up the routine and seeing as how the place is always packed with cars we wanted to see for we took our chances. We stood by the entrance for awhile before getting seated. We decided to get a table out in the patio..
This was later on in the evening, we started off with a beer. I'll jus cut to the chase..My complaint-A JUNEBUG flew into my Beer. We ask the waitress to replace it assuming they would do it without hesitation. Yea right, the bartender(proberly the owner or manager) said that we would still have to pay for it. I was pretty surprised. We paid our bill and left right away. I dont normally take the time to write negative comments but this one definitly deserves it.

2006 Nov 23
Uncomfortable chairs!

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2007 Sep 18
As a previous reviewer mentioned - the home fries are of the deep fried variety which is a shame. Although the BEST part of the breakfast here is the sausage - they give you a full sized bratwurst instead of 3 little breakfast links! Breakfast is reasonably priced and if you look like a student (not sure if everyone on this site could pull this off!) then they have a student breakfast special which is $1.99!

My only complaint is service here can be quite spotty as the restaurant is usually packed. On some occasions I've came in and sat down, and haven't received acknowledgment of even being there - which is almost unforgivable in the restaurant 'biz.

All in all - great value on some items. Just try and pick a quiet morning!

2007 Aug 13
Went there during weekday, lots of cars in parking lot but still tables available. The service was quick and good timing on coffee refills. The 1.99 student breaky (plus a $1 coffee) was given to me, even though I'm obviously not a student. The scrambled eggs were the type where they must lay them thin/flat on grill and let cook quickly then cut in to strips or whatever, and they had an old dirty grill taste to them. What seems to be the standard deep fried hashbrowns (GOD WHERE ARE THE GOOD HASBROWNS ANYMORE< LIKE Chances R used to make with real potatoes?), the toast was great. The standard bacon everone seems to be serving at all the restaurants that tastes like precooked, hard to eat Bacon.

Bagel and cream cheese was good, with two balls of cream cheese on the plate that you could spread yourself. Good sized balls of cream cheese.

2006 Sep 26
Ha.. we almost went there for brekky the Sunday before you but bailed at the last minute because their parking lot was so full. I've been once before and remember it being a decent place inside but the food was unmemorable.

2006 Sep 25
Saturday morning wasnt very busy, and I had Bacon & Eggs with Fresh Fruit. The bacon was good, the eggs were way underdone & really had no flavour, and where were the homefries?



2007 Sep 24
The honey garlic wings are the best. They tend to be on the small side sometimes, but they taste a lot better than other restaurants offering 35 cent wings.

2007 Sep 18
$0.35 wings with a drink purchase. Great quality unlike some other vendors in the city who really cheap out on their chicken wings.

2007 Oct 6
The fries here are pretty good, so the other night I thought I'd get poutine. When I checked the menu, I was disappointed to see they use grated mozzarella instead of cheese curds.