Foods from Siam Kitchen


2012 Mar 21
We stopped in for dinner as a family last night, as I decided to attack Boomerang Kids next door for a summer wardrobe for our daughter.

Food was just OK. The Tom Yum Gai (I think) soup was good, not too spicy, could have been a little more sour. The spring rolls were excellent, not the least bit greasy, and the satae was fine.

Things went a little downhill with our mains - the chicken/chilies/basil was very pretty, but too hot for me to enjoy, unfortunately. My husband seemed to like it well enough, though. The pad thai was honestly disappointing - the noodles mushy, sauce sticky and heavy, and no lemon/lime to add sourness.

We had ordered a "Dinner for two", but didn't stick around for dessert, as the 2.5 y/o was getting antsy. Dinner took quite a while to come out, and contributed to her crankiness. We were never offered coffee or tea, and I got the distinct impression that our server did not appreciate our daughter being with us. Admittedly, our daughter is not a quiet wilting shy flower - she is very opinionated and busy, but when she was starting to melt, we got her out of the restaurant RIGHT AWAY. It then took another 10 minutes to get our boxes ready to go! If the food was GREAT I'd put up with the slowness; but between the slowness and lack of family-friendliness, there's other places I'd rather go...

2009 Sep 18
The flavouring of the standard dishes (pad thai, green curry chicken, etc.) is somewhat bland. Is this a result of cooking for all the Anglo folks in the Old Ottawa South / Glebe neighbourhood? Still, we've learned to ask for the home-made chili sauce (nam prik num?), which spices things up and is a favourite of my family.

A strength of Siam Kitchen is that one can feel comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, provided one sits on the North side (the 'casual side'). The South side (known to us as the 'fancy side') has an elegant atmosphere.

If you live nearby, take-away is available at a nice discount (10% at time of writing).

2009 Apr 9
Your 'ducky feet' comment made me laugh.
But I don't think it was her.

2009 Apr 9
Kael was your server named "Ying"?
5 foot tall, ponytail, ducky feet?
if it was, that is her normal attitude

been there afew times but only because it was the best of what wazs in the area...but not by much

2009 Apr 9
I went here with three friends tonight and was not terribly impressed.

They do have a good selection of beers and the prices are really decent for the amount of food that you get (dishes are best for sharing).

I had the Tom Yum Gai soup to start, and again, a very good portion size for 3.95. The flavour didn't have the depth that I normally like, but it was good nonetheless. My bigger problem was that it was barely hot! We were in a rush, so I didn't say anything, but it definitely took away from the soup, which was good otherwise.

Had stir-fried chicken with basil and chilis for my main. It was good (I'm eating leftovers right now) but not consistently spicy - it seems like they just chop up some chilis in it, so I get a big hit of heat every once in a while, but overall not too hot. Again, good portion, fairly good flavour, but a bit too greasy, and the chicken doesn't seem to be top quality.

Two of the girls shared pad thai, which they said was good, but there appeared to be only about 4 shrimp in the whole dish! They use bigger shrimp though, so maybe that's why, but they found it a bit disappointing.

Another girl had the 'pad tofu' dish, which was good, but greasy.

My biggest issue: Our server, in every way, made us feel like she didn't want us there. When we said we were 4, she sighed really loudly and led us over to the other side of the restaurant (which was empty). I guess she didn't want to open up the other side? This was 5:45 though, so it's not like the dinner rush wasn't about to start! She couldn't remember who ordered what, took dishes away without checking if we were finished, and just gave us a 'so now what?!' look the whole time she was serving us. It took a while to get our bills, no one indicated where to go for those paying debit, and we were kind of confused and felt ignored.

Ultimately, I would go here again, but only if someone else suggested it (or maybe for some cheap takeout), but there is far better thai food (and service) to be had elsewhere. I don't care if I need to pay more :)

Overall, value was good (I had a beer, a soup, and a main with tons left over) for $26.55 before tip.

2008 Feb 9
One of the better Thai restaurants in Ottawa. They have a pretty good lunch menu too.

Once I went there with my kids and the restaurant was full, so they asked us if we wanted to sit at the table with cushions. Naturally my kids agreed! However the server does not seem to like kids. She kind of scolded them a few times !

I do go there for lunch at least once a month in the summer, but I won't go back there with my kids.

2007 Nov 30
Went for Lunch. I believe it was 7.95 for each lunch, one was chicken/curry/potatoes/coconut milk, D on the menu I believe. The other person had chicken/vegies almost like a stir fry type thing. Both came with the moulded pile of steamed rice on the side. We also ordered Springrolls but I believe they were 6.95 or 7.94 for the order of four, so if you are looking for a nice cheap lunch I personally wouldn't add the eggrolls, because kind of brings the bill up a bit.

The restaurant itself, quite cosy, but a little tired and dated. The springrolls were very very greasy, maybe the oil was not at the proper temperature to not absorb oil, not sure, wouldn't order them again.

I was unsure when I got my meal the coconut milk/chicken/potatoe because the chicken looked a bit fatty or gross, but it was very delicious. The menu didn't state that it was coming with potatoes in it, but it was fine for me, but someone else might not like getting something that wasn't stated. Also good way for them to fill up a bowl with two huge pieces of potato. It was more than enough food for lunch we had to take half to go. The broth had a deep colour and the red tinged oil floating on top, a bit more than I"d like to see, but I guess it's normal, not sure. The other meal was good also with the stir fry type thing.

Waitress was very prompt on waters, refilled like four times throughout lunch. Place fills right up during lunch hour.

I would go again, and would recommend it. The dinner prices are a almost double the lunch, with the average Curry dish being 12.95 on the menu. Soups are 3.50-$3.95.