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Foods from Sacred Garden


2008 Feb 26
Split a couple dishes here last night w/ my friend: the gang pa (aka jungle curry, a sour/hot concoction sans coconut milk) and an eggplant/veggie meets basil + garlic stir-fry.

Neither being huge fans of the fake meat concept (a bit is ok), we requested a reduction in the amount of "protein" in favour of more veggies. We were happy w/ the result. Both dishes were done well, the vegetables flavourful and fresh, esp. the snap peas (stir-fry) and the squash (curry). The partially de-husked rice, as well, is also very well done (v. flavourful on its own).

If i have a critique its that both dishes, though well prepared, were a tad generic, not mind-blowingly addictive out of the gate. The service, however, was so attentive that i came away feeling that were SG a restaurant i frequented more, my preferences would be effortlessly accommodated.

2008 Feb 9
I really like this restaurant too. They do some amazing things with vegetable protein to simulate Thai meat dishes. The server is knowledgeable and friendly. The service is quick and the food artfully prepared. My only complaint is that sometimes I get hungry again later. I wonder if that is because the dishes are made to seem meatlike , but aren't. So you're think you're as full as you would be if you had eaten meat, but you're only really as full as if you had just eaten vegetables.

Anyway, whatever the case I recommend the place and will go back.

2007 May 4
Went today for lunch. This place was delicious. I agree with the comment below it is less on the spicy heat factor, but that suited me just fine. For those looking for a little extra chili pepper goodness I am sure they would accomadate as the service was pleasent, attentive and friendly.

My dish was awesome. Rice was cooked perfectly and the veggies were the freshest I have had in a long time. Cooked to perfection in just the right amount of garlic sauce. Also had the soup to start and was quite a large portion. Actually found the portions were quite large here in comparison to standard Thai places. I am not sure if it was just a lunch thing but they were not sharing plates more of individual ones.

Can not wait to try it again.

2007 Apr 2
My husband and I tried this place for the first time on Friday. We got there minutes after they opened and there was alreadya couple seated. By the time we left (about an hour later) the place was packed.

The decor was nice and having a window seat was also nice. Anyways onto the food.

I started with the spring rolls which were ok but were basically just cabbageand carrot. Not bad but not outstanding.

My husband had some kind of "squid" appetizer which I assumed he loved because this is what happened:

Him: You gotta try this, it tastes JUST LIKE real squid!
Me: But I don't like squid...
Him: But it's not REALLY squid!
Me: But you said it tastes just like it.
Him: And feels like it too! It's amazing you have to try it.

Needless to say, he convinced me that it was close enough to real squid that I wouldn't try it.

We both ordered the Panaeng Curry, him with the 'chicken' and mewith extra veggies. Apparently the 'ckecken' wasn't as impressive.

Personally, I was impressed with the variety of veggies in my dish;
-green beans
-kidney beans
-red peppers

There was probably more. My only complaint with this dish is that it had vry little heat in comparison to other places where I've had it so when we go back I'll have to ask for extra spicy.

For dessert we chared a serving of coconut ice cream.


It's very light. I think it's pretty much just balls of frozen coconut milk. It's served with a wedge of young coconut and atop of a supinzing bed of sticky rice which ends up tasting like awesome rice pudding by the time you get down to it.

The service was outstanding. Water was filled regularly without asking and the server (owner?) was extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the food and seemed enthused to speak with us.