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2010 Jul 5
Rumor has it that Heart and Crown or the Oak or one of those expressed interest in Puzzles' space.

Also, the new place in the antique lighting store is supposedly going to be a pub as well.

2010 Jul 5
Yup !!! Closed !!!

The building owner wants to get more ... so when Puzzles lease was up, he did not renew it.


Good news is that a NEW BAR is being opened up in the Antique Lighting store just down the street from Puzzles.

A few workers from Milagro (just across the street) are going to give it a go.

Hope it turns out to be a great addtion to Westborro.

2010 Jul 4
And it's closed down. I am somewhat surprised me, it seemed to be almost part of the westboro scenery for me. Strange that it's gone, but it is.

2007 Sep 18
Working above Puzzles, I can't help but be tempted by the aroma of deep-fried goodness everyday. I've eaten there twice in the past week, and have been very pleased with the food. It's nothing fancy, but good, cheap and just greasy enough.

Friday night for dinner I had their club sandwich (hold the mayo) and fries, while my significant other had two burgers for $5.95 (!) and his mom had fish and chips. The club was as good as my co-workers have told me it is, with nice thick slices of chicken breast and crispy bacon. S.I.'s burgers were obviously made on-site, although they looked a little overwhelmed by the giant buns they were served on. He did not complain. Mom-in-law enjoyed her fish and chips, noting that it was the best tartar sauce she had ever had, and from my perspective, it actually looked homemade. We washed our food down with pints of Newcastle Brown, which I have never seen on tap elsewhere (maybe I'm not looking hard enough). The atmosphere is very low-key, and you can tell that there are many regulars who frequent the joint. Overall, there were no complaints from anyone.

Today for lunch I couldn't resist having some fries again, and I was not disappointed. They were thick cut and perfectly cooked. Takeout was ready instantly, too.

I would definitely recommend Puzzles to anyone who's looking for cheap eats in Westboro.

2008 Feb 26
Ok... The place is a bit 'Blue Collar' ... but when you compare their burger with the one just down the street, at The Works The Works, it comes surprisingly close, but without all the fancy toppings.

Real good burger at a fraction of the cost of a Works burger, and the wait staff will not try and cross (or up) sell you. Think "Would you like extra so and so with that ?" or "What appetizers/dessert would you like today ?". They also promptly deliver the food , so you will not be persuaded to buy another round of drinks.

I met an ex-waitress from that very Works. She told me of a contest they ran amongst the wait staff one month. The non-burger sales were measured and the wait staff with the most cross/up sales (from non-burger sales), wins.

And it all started with McDonald's famous line, "Would you like fries with that ?".

PS: The pic is for illustration purposes only. Kinda like a "Suggested Serving" picture from a frozen food box.