Foods from Bento Sushi

2014 Jan 10
Ordered from here on JustEat tonight. The quality and freshness of their fish is fantastic. Salmon Tempura Rolls and a spicy tuna. Both delicious. Also an order of goyza (sp?). It was cold upon arrival but the pork filling was delicious.

Next time I think I would pick up. The order took 100 minutes. (they said in advance it would be 90 but they are only a few blocks from here so I did not believe it!) That's a really long time to wait. Also delivery was $4 plus tip. As well the dumplings were cold and the miso soup was not in the order. A wonderful seaweed salad was included. A substitute? Who knows!

Sorry no pictures - I was too hungry!!

2010 Sep 3
Called last night and all I received was a fax tone.

Anyone notice if they are still open?

2010 Jul 25
Ordered from here on a whim a few weeks ago. 2 spicy salmon hand rolls and a rainbow roll.

I really liked it. I've now become a spicy salmon hand rolls addict.

I found the roll here to be better than another place I went to in the west end near Andrew Hayden park.

The salmon is pretty nice, they add strips of it, and no breadcrumbs included (i'm not entirely sure what it is some other places do where it becomes somewhat crispy) and they add some tobiko (which I really like). At first glance, one might think that there is a lot of sauce on it, but I found it to be the perfect amount and the sauce is spicy. I like that it actually is spicy as far too many resto cop out on the spicy because too many people complain.

Also, the rolls are pretty big! The ones I had from another place were a lot smaller. Their 3 rolls equaled two.

It was somewhat pricy, but hey I liked it and will def be ordering again - probably as soon as next week!

2009 Apr 6
Was okay. I didn't feel overall satisfied and found it pricy for the quality. I ordered salmon sushi with california roll and was still hungry. :(

But what do you expect? It's a sushi place found at the mall.

2007 Jun 27
Have never been impressed by the limited variety and prices at this place.

Believe they are the same bento that are sold at the grocery stores.

2006 Sep 22
Great friendly couple own this place. Always give you a little freebie appetizer piece of futomaki before delivering over your fresh and perfectly adequate takeout maki.