Foods from Chef Bento Sushi

2012 Aug 1
Ordered take out from this place because I felt like some sashimi that's higher quality than you can get at the local AYCE sushi stop.

The order came with some miso soup, and it was fine. It was the same as you can get anywhere else.

The sashimi was fresher and better presented for sure, but I wasn't super impressed with the sinewy texture of some of the cuts. It satisfied my craving but it wasn't spectacular. I'm not sure that I will try them again for take out. I feel like this is a better place to go and eat in.

2010 Oct 31
Chef Bento is my favourite Sushi in Ottawa and beyond. The restaurant is small and nothing fancy yet inviting. The main women that works there is very friendly, remembers you, and your order always. She makes the most delicious Shrimp Tempura maki roll. My absolute favourite! She uses fresh ingredients, enough crunch from the tempura, cream from the sauces, spice from the wasabi and nutty flavour from the sesame seeds. My friends favourite is the sweet potato roll. The spicy crab is a wonderful combination of spice but creaminess. They compliment their sushi with great sauces which are not too can always ask for them on the side. She caters to your preferences when giving you 1 free piece of sushi at the end of your meal. Recently she gave me the Rocky Mountation roll which was the perfect combination of crunch, avocado and creamy sauce. They provide free green rice tea which is nutty and very yummy. In my opinion Chef Bento is one of the best places to visit alone or with company! The quality of ingredients are fresh and the cost is affordable. Recently they redid the interior which is home made somewhat but has wonderful charm. It is a far trek but totally worth it!