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2016 Apr 1
Oz Kafe moving to York St.


2013 Oct 9
Took my wife here for dinner a few weeks ago and had an absolutely fantastic meal! Started with the assorted cheese platter, and then onto the main, a perfectly cooked steak served on a bed of smoked mashed potatoes, with a ceaser salad! I'm impressed. Nice wine selection, a little on the cozy side but I will go back for sure!

2013 May 6
My boyfriend and I went to Oz Kafe for the first time this weekend and it found it to be a trendy place with excellent service. I've tried edamame once or twice and always vowed never again based on how bland it seemed and the weird slightly hairy exterior. A friend of mine convinced me the edamame at Oz was fantastic and a must try so I went against my instincts and ordered it. Clearly my instincts were wrong because the edamame was delicious. Warm, salty and buttered, it was likely not very healthy but very enjoyable!

We also ordered the tuna tataki and the boar-pork meatball sandwich (with cheese and pancetta). We were initially disappointed when seeing how small the tuna plate was, then even more disappointed with the size after tasting it. The way it was prepared and the flavours were so delicious that I could have easily devoured 10 plates of it. The sandwich had generous amounts of meatballs, cheese and sauce and did not disappoint. I would definitely return.

2013 Mar 18
Stopped here just for a bite and a drink on Friday night. Had a seat at the bar. Craft beer selection is good but the cocktail I had tasted like a university girl's mixed drink - way too sweet. Husband had an interested bannock with bacon and mushroom appetizer, and I had a beet salad that was pretty decent. A nice spot but wouldn't rush back for a full meal.

2012 Sep 18
Went here on Sunday for brunch, with a group of 6 people. We didn't have a reservation but they had room for us in the back section which was fine with us. We had heard great things about this place, expectations were high but after the experience I have mixed feelings, unsure if I'll be rushing back anytime soon.

Not sure if I am cool enough to eat here, very much a hipster hangout. We arrived right at 12 when they opened, a bit late for a brunch in my opinion but not a huge deal. Let's start off by saying that the food I had was very good. Duck crossiant with fried egg and aged cheddar. The others at the table ordered their version of a BLT and were not thrilled with it. It just had a rather bland taste. One diner also had the "fish and chips" which was fish wrapped in potato, he enjoyed it but wished he ordered my duck crossaint too. Brunch menu appears to change each Sunday, but I could be wrong on that...so what you see on their website likely won't be what they are serving that day. My major problem was with the time it took to be served and eat. From when we arrived to when we paid and left it was over 1.5 hours. We were starving when we arrived and wanted to order as soon as possible but service was seriously lacking. Our server was very friendly and kind but that didn't make up for waiting 20 minutes for coffee and over 1 hour for food.

If you know ahead of time that you are going to be waiting quite a long time for your meal, and you eat a snack before you go...you'll probably enjoy the food enough that the lack of service and poor timing won't matter as much.

2012 Apr 27
Had never been to Oz although it has been open now for many years. I think it is because I had the incorrect impression that it was more of a bar than a restaurant – a place for a late night snack and some loud music. What I found was a serious restaurant (completely full on a weeknight at 7pm) with a mixture of clientele from young to old.

I prefer the front room which has a wall of windows to help balance the darkly painted walls. The back room, where we sat, was very dark with a low ceiling. All tables are pretty close together.

I started with the appetizer of the day – cubes of duck mixed with blue cheese and apple and placed on large slices of baguette. Overall the flavours were nice but a little bland.

I then tried their “beef Seoul food” dish. It comes on two plates (a little hard to get onto the small table) - one a cast iron platter that had the sizzling beef pieces and the other that had the kim chi, cabbage salad, a sweet-hot paste and several pieces of lettuce to wrap everything up in. This was a lot of food!

Overall I was happy with my meal and would recommend trying it out (although ask to sit in the front room if possible).

2011 Mar 12
My review is based on only one visit (Fri. night dinner), which will probably be my last visit to Oz Kafe.

The atmosphere is trendy and cozy. However the tables were packed too tight for my comfort. The crowd was too loud for regular conversation, perhaps due to the small space, cant fault the owners for that. Tables at the front section of the restaurant also included a cold breeze when the door opened. Would recommend resos for the back section. There were a few times when the server would brush up against my arm or chair as he walked by. Not cool.

The shared cheese appetizer was unique and tasty.
I ordered the 10oz steak and salad entree, and instead received the 6oz steak, confirmed by the bill. The steak was cut into slices and laid on a bed of mash. As a result of being cut into slices, it was not juicy, nor was it hot. Im not sure if they cut it to check on its "doneness", but for the amount of money they were charging, they should know how to cook a steak without having to cut it into pieces..not satisfying at all.

For the amount of money spent, the experience was not worth it. I have had better steaks/meals at the Wellington Gastropub, the Keg and Milestones. My dinner at the Oz Kafe was not memorable nor was it satisfying.

2010 Sep 18
Wandered in here tonight after wandering around Elgin for a bit. Just as great as last time, good service despite being super busy, and there was a DJ spinning some great tunes. Again, total broken record comment, but you get a lot more bang for your buck for booze here (20$ for a half litre of riesling? hi-ooooooooooooo!) and it's a really nice place to just chill out and slowly munch on whatever you've ordered.

2010 Jul 17
I can't believe I'm just discovering this place now! Last night (a Friday) it was bustling (as were most nightspots along Elgin) when a friend and I went in around 11. It's an easy spot to miss, but there is a tiny patio (about 4-5 tables) out front. Inside is also very cozy (extremely low ceilings help with that - warnings to watch your head everywhere!), the larger front room segmented from smaller and skinnier back room - great design for noise control, even though it was relatively busy and there was lots of chatter, it never got too loud. There was also a DJ spinning some excellent beats seemingly for all the restaurants in that block (Lieutenant's Pump+Pancho Villa+sushi place).

We ended up getting a half litre of white sangria (with lots of berries!) plus a glass of wine each - wine list lacked Canadian options, but the prices were better than other similar restaurants ($7/glass rather than $11/glass). The sharing platter was great - a small was PLENTY for two, probably would have been fine for 3 to be honest. Three cheeses (smoked gouda, Balderson cheddar, goat cheese), smoked almonds, pickled carrots and turnips (actually not sure if they were turnips... something turnip-like) with a whole wheat baguette served in a paper bag (I guess to keep it warm/moist?). Service was stellar, our waiter was super laid back, not snooty at all but very friendly, and was great at reading our readiness for more drinks/water/bills. Like I said at the beginning, I am ashamed to have lived only a few blocks away from Oz Kafe for three years and am only now discovering it. Definitely my new go-to spot!

Does anyone know what the story is on the featured chef nights? Can anyone go, or just people in the restaurant industry? Do you need reservations?

2010 May 28
Last night a good friend of mine and I got together at Oz Kafé. We were lucky enough to get a spot on their tiny patio in the beautiful outdoors. Although the view isn't much to brag about, being lower than street level, none of that mattered as we were so engaged in conversation, refreshing wine and good food. And once the sun went down, the only spotlight on our food was the candlelight. Perfect.

As much as possible, I try to eat as many things as I can on a menu. Whether that means begging others for a bite of their dish, or simply sharing with someone else. So of course I was elated when we decided to share a few different things.

We started off with a lovely Pinot Gris Private Reserve from Peller Estate.

Our first course was one we hoped would set the tone for the evening. Probably one of the best tuna dishes I've ever had. It was one of their specials and I can't even describe to you how awesome it was. Seared to perfection, fresh slices of delicate tuna placed flawlessly over a crisp cucumber salad. A dollop of thick, whipped lemon cream lay next to it, ready to be smeared over each piece. And one of the best things I've ever tried, fried capers. I thought I really liked capers, I now adore them when cooked this way.

Next we had the Oz Poutine. A tower of scalloped potatoes, separated by rows of melted Balderson old cheddar and caramelized onions. A grilled apple crowned the top and added dimension to the centre. Rich, meaty cuts of smoked duck and jus added to the overall yumminess of the plate. A rich man's poutine would be my description.

Next was the duck special, hearty slices served with a sweet rhubarb compote (my favourite part of the dish), fresh grilled asparagus and a flavourful potato salad, spiced from the mouthwatering mustard seed.

We decided to pass on dessert since our first course was still quite prominent in our minds. Neither one of us saw anything wrong with ordering tuna for dessert. So that's what we did, along with a sparkling wine that I think was created especially for this dish.

Although none of the other dishes wowed us as much as the first, they were still very good. That great food, along with phenomenal service definitely makes this a place to come back to again and again.

Apps range from $5 to $12, and mains from $13 to $25. They even have the choice of small or large portions on some items.




2010 Mar 22
I love going to OZ because I know that there are going to be several tasty, creative vegetarian/vegan options on the menu, and they're willing to make minor changes so that some others become veg. Last night, the veg offerings were the BC salad, edamame, the mushroom Seoul Food and the vegetable bento box. Yum!

2009 Apr 18
The salted soybean appetizers are absolutely amazing. They are the starter to any meal we eat there. Very reasonably priced as well.