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B Kho at Ox Head
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B Kho at Ox Head
B Kho at Ox Head
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Sep 26
I did not have a very good experiences at #2 the last few times I visited, quality was down. Have not been back to #1 for a while, so can't comment.

Kanata Noodle house is certainly doing a booming business.

Sep 17
I imagine the Ox#2 suffered greatly when the Noodle House opened nearby with its separate & ample parking lot.

Sep 16
There's a notice on the door of the former Ox Head 2 (Carling near March) indicating a termination of lease for non-payment of rent, dated July 20, 2019.

Has anyone noticed how the original Centrum location is doing lately?

2017 Jan 18
Ox Head restaurant 2 is a great addition to the area. Rare beef pho, bun bo hue and bo kho are all delicious. Pictured is the seafood sate soup with egg noodle as I had a seafood craving tonight. Very tasty although I forgot that I'm not a huge fan of the Vietnamese fish balls.

2016 Aug 26
I've never been to the original, but there is now an Ox Head 2 at Carling & March in the plaza with Hockey Sushi.

Our first time going for lunch today, and very impressed. I had the traditional sweet & sour shrimp soup (SP4) which was very tasty, but paled in comparison with my colleagues choice of Beef, Pork & Shrimp Wrap & Roll (SP11), pictured here. It was enormous! So much so that I had to help ;)

Looking forward to trying the rest of the menu, including the famous B Kho.

2016 Apr 29
This is still a regular favourite of ours when we are at Centrum. Pretty much everything is good to very good or excellent - portion sizes have remained as large as ever. Often we will split a rice paper wrap and roll dish with a variety of grilled meats. My one quip is that the grilled beef is not really that great, the quality of the meat is poor and I find it is regularly dry and tough. So, I just avoid it and everything else is fine. My personal favourite is the Bo kho. Reasonable pricing given the portions. You will not leave hungry. Accessible. Family friendly, very kind and accommodating service. Table service but you pay at the cash (as with most Viet restaurants). Recommended.

2011 May 2
I had lunch at Ox Head Friday. It was my second visit.

As others have noted, the portions are substantial - which balances the prices being a bit higher. You can easily get two solid meals from what you are served.

Sis had the seafood noodle stir-fry (pictured below by Fresh Foodie). I ordered the shrimp pad thai (I wasn't sure what I was ordering actually).

I had some of the stir-fry noodle since I got to take all the leftovers. It was tasty.

My pad thai (half of which is still in the fridge at home) was okay but nothing beyond that. It would have been nice if the shrimps they used were the same plump tails-on ones that came in the noodle stir-fry but instead they were the pre-cooked small variety.

I had the honeydew bubble latte. Very yummy although on the very sweet side. Sis ordered the avocado shake and had the same comment for her drink.

All in all, a filling lunch.

2011 Jan 14
As a coworker quipped yesterday, "You know the B Kho is good when four men go out for lunch and choose Ox Head over Moxie's." ;-)

Our order was HC6, HC7, HC7, HC8 -- just B Kho with various combinations of rice and egg noodle. Another ringing endorsement.

On the less ringing side of things, the Seafood Stir-Fry Crispy Noodle dish (pictured here) I tried a few weeks ago was quite disappointing. The noodles were tasteless and the stir fry wasn't much better. When I eat deep fried stuff, I require it to be delicious. I've had better renditions of this dish everywhere else I've tried it, so I guess the lesson is... stick with the soups!

2010 Sep 4
Went to Ox Head last night, based on the recommendations of FF and PD, before hitting some stores & a movie. The place is nice and clean, owners are very friendly, this restaurant is definitely family friendly. So we steered clear of any pho bo ko or sate style dishes and went for the fresh chicken rolls, chicken curry on rice and mixed veg & tofu on crispy noodles. My eyes did one of these when the lady came out with the food:
Before - o o
After - 0 0
The portions are very large here... the rolls were jammed with tasty charred meat and noodles, the only downside is that they had no herb action going on inside (some mint & basil would have jacked up the flavour). Then the noodles & curry came out... holy crap. These plates are massive. We ended up taking a third of our plates home. The tofu & veg on crispy noodle was alright, lots of veggies, mushrooms and loads of tofu, a very filling dish. The curry was nice, had a bit of heat to it, and was loaded with fresh red & green peppers and bamboo shoots. One interesting thing here is that their fish sauce has some salty funk to it, which is good! I find some fish sauce in Ottawa viet restaurants to be a bit too sweet, but this one is excellent. The food was very good, and plentiful - I'll be back to try the bo kho!

2010 Sep 2
banana tempura @ ox head. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm recommended. i only wish these l'il turdy nuggets CAME with caramel and chocolate. delish desert finish.

B Kho 9


2010 Sep 3
This Ox Head bo kho looks alright, how does it compare to Huong's Bistro or New Mee Fung? So far I dig the richness of Huong's the most... besides my own.

2010 Sep 2
mark, i am in the same predicament at ox head as yourself. having tried the entire menu over the past couple of years, now i order nothing but the bo kho with small portion of egg noods. nothing else on their menu compares so far and it is one of the very few restos in ottawa that offers this dish. glad you diggit.

next time you're at kowloon, pick up a package (or a dozen) of bo kho spices, crispy dried shallots etc... experiment at home and you and your crock pot will be BFF+WB (best friends forever with benefits).

2010 Sep 2
Second visit in less than a month and I couldn't resist ordering this incredibly flavourful stew again. This time I went with the pure egg noodle option, because the egg noodles are the not-too-rich kind. Unbelievably flavourful, this soup will be even better when winter gets its icy claws on us in just a few months!

My big problem now is that I want to try other things on the menu but can't imagine turning this dish down. Maybe if I go two days in a row... ;-)

2010 Aug 4
Tempted by FEEL MY SERPENTINE's mention of it last year, I tried the "Bo Kho" HC8. Spicy Stewing Beef w/ Rice & Egg Noodle Soup and was quite thrilled with the depth of flavour, generous chunks of tender stewed beef, and the warming kick of chili heat. Although I'm eager to continue trying new dishes at Ox Head, I can totally see having this one again!

2009 Sep 7
bho ko @ ox head kanata - spicy vietnamese beef stew with carrots, egg or rice noodles (at the bottom of the bowl), TONS of garlic chives, crispy onions, fresh herbs (basil, corriander etc..) onions, and seasonings not only worth killing for... but also dying for!!! 11 stars out of 10 on the flavor scale, healthy, low glycemic except for the noodles so ask for just a small portion to be added. one of this guy's absolutely fave vietnamese dishes and you feel good after downing the whole bowl. sucks for me that it is rare to find a vietnamese joint in ottawa that serves this as it takes hours to braise, tenderizing the melt-in-your-mouth beef chunks and the whole dish always tastes better the next day. so this ain't practical for most restos. if you're bored with pho, this is the REAL SHIZZLE! i have to make this at home in the crock pot and the aroma perfumes the house with such exquisiteness, you might find yourself drunk, high and levitating on a pillow of winds. glad the bo kho seasonings dissipate and doesn't stick to surfaces for weeks like indian curry or mesquite. enjoy your drive to kanata.

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Phở 1



2012 May 23
HC1. Mixed Seafood Satay with Rice Noodle Soup - good as always, this is probably your best soup choice here.

2011 Apr 16
The Rare Beef and Beef Meatball pho was okay. Not the tastiest broth I've had but good enough! This was a Large, and while more like a Chinatown Medium, it contained a decent amount of meat and was nicely priced at $7.95.

Definitely going back to the B Kho next time!!

2010 Sep 2
beef pho @ ox head. if you like it vanilla style, this is the safe bet. YAWN. be GGG and go for the bo kho!

2006 Sep 23
As you can see, this spicy seafood soup is chock full of seafood! The shrimp were some of the nicest and freshest I've encountered in a Vietnamese soup. On the other hand, the broth was just okay, lacking the depth of flavour found at the really good places.


2010 Nov 13
I'm told that this style of spring roll (yellow, kind of loose, and fairly greasy) is uniquely and authentically Vietnamese. I find the flavour just okay, but they are certainly appetizing.

One nice thing about Ox Head is that they offer a double portion (4 spring rolls) for somewhat less than double the price of a single portion (2 rolls).

2006 Sep 23
They were a little on the greasy side but quite tasty. Not the best I've had but not the worst either.

2010 Nov 13
My kids shared a Won Ton Soup ($6.95). The broth is mild but spectacular! (A bit like white cake -- boring, but amazing when done right.) It contained quite a few bean sprouts, chopped scallions, and 8 or so smallish won tons. They were mild and kid-friendly, without the unique flavour (fungus?) that one often finds in Vietnamese won ton soups.

This would make a great appetizer for two adults!

2010 Nov 13
These were freshly made, but lacked some of the herbal interest found in other restaurants. Also, they were thick and loosely rolled, which made them relatively difficult to eat. Not bad though!

If you order the "normal" wraps with pork and shrimp, you get the peanut-hoisin sauce as a condiment. With the grilled meat rice wraps, you get the fish sauce instead (as indicated by FEEL MY SERPENTINE).

2010 Sep 2
beef rice wraps @ ox head. light apps like any vietnamese joint out there. here it comes with the fish/rice vinegar + carrot dipping sauce as opposed to the peanut soy sauce found in others.

2012 Mar 3
This is a nice tasty vermicelli bowl. The chicken is really excellent, the beef is the boring thin sliced tasteless kind, and the spring rolls are okay. The ratio of ingredients is perfect.

2015 Aug 15
Pork chop, grilled chicken and a steamed egg and pork meat loaf served on rice. It was huge. It was good. I have had tastier meat. The meat is heavily marinated. A little more natural flavours would be better. I slightly prefer Kanata Noodle House in the same hood.