Ox Head
Ox Head
B Kho at Ox Head
Cơm thập cẩm at Ox Head
B Kho at Ox Head
B Kho at Ox Head
B Kho at Ox Head
B Kho at Ox Head
B Kho at Ox Head
Phở at Ox Head
Bn Thịt Nướng at Ox Head
B Kho at Ox Head
Phở at Ox Head
Ox Head
B Kho at Ox Head
B Kho at Ox Head
Phở at Ox Head
Gỏi Cuốn (Summer Roll) at Ox Head
Ox Head
B Kho at Ox Head
Ox Head
B Kho at Ox Head
Phở at Ox Head
Spring Rolls at Ox Head
Foods from Ox Head

2010 Aug 4
Definitely a bit of a hidden gem in Kanata...great spring rolls! I always leave this place full...despite a slight language barrier, the servers are always friendly and accommodating...and I love how it seems every time I come here they have the same Taylor Swift CD playing in the background...just a personal like of mine!

2010 Jul 19
I've been over to Ox Head a few times now and I am pretty happy with the experience. Not the best I've had compared to Toronto (Anh Dao, Pho VT), but much better than what I could get back in Detroit and on par with the places I ate at in Hamilton and most places back in Toronto.

I am a huge fan of Vietnamese food, but not so much of a fan of the pho (blasphemy, I know) so I usually get the Cơm tấm (broken rice) dishes or other specialty beef dishes.

The beef and chicken combo plate (RD-12 Grilled Chicken & Grilled Beef on Rice) is about my favorite, but I also regularly get the RD-1 Grilled beef.

Word to the wise: the place is very full by lunchtime and has a line out the door from 11am to 1pm.

2010 Jul 7
Had lunch here on the 3rd day of the heat wave. My date and I each had a bun with springroll for $10.95--mine grilled pork and his grilled and shredded pork. The orders here are huge and we each had enough for lunch the next day. We may have been inclined to eat more on a cooler day. Included complimentary green tea. The place was 3/4 full at 2:00 on a Monday. Very fresh , prompt service, good food. The spring rolls are a little greasy and a little different than other vietnamese places but all in all very good (and in Kanata-good for us west enders). We had planned to share an order of deep fried banana but were too full!

2009 Oct 3
vietnamese chow mien @ ox head kanata. when you hit AMC kanata for blockbusters, why fill your heart and arteries with plaque through movie theater food? just pop over to ox head right across the entrance for some cleaner eating. veg and seafood coolness on noodles. light and fresh and without the thick cantonese style corn syrup sauce. my body thanks me. and thank you for thanking me.

2008 Oct 11
This is another great place for pho in Ottawa region. They have a much wider selection of soups and I have tried several excellent dishes that I have never had anywhere else. The broth is tasty and the ingredients are nice and fresh.
One I would recommend for people who like spicier soups is the Hue style traditional soup. I tried this last week and it was spicy but not too spicy and was very different - in a good way! It had a flavor I could not quite identify, slightly sour and sweet like tamarind - almost Thai style. Very nice. Also it was more stew like than some soups.
If you want a wide variety of choices or to try something you maybe have not found anywhere else... this is the place to go!

2008 Sep 24
I normally go here several times a month. It's very consistent, and the family that runs it is very nice. My coworker goes so often that when they see her little girl coming in they bring her a plate of the shredded pickled carrots because they know it's her favourite. Oh - and like most vietnamese places - where else can you get dinner for two for around $20??

2007 Mar 7
We discovered this gem just before it opened. It was nice having a Vietnamese place in the west end since I live outside the city. Unfortunately for whatever reason - they have changed their noodle bowls. The noodles are now warm and break apart when trying to eat them. The way they used to do it was everything cool in the bowl - veggies, noodles - then warm grilled meat on top, then you poured your sauce on them.

My favourite is still the Golden Turtle on Booth Street...when we venture downtown.

I will say that Ox Head's Mango shakes are amazing!

2007 Mar 3
Nice enough little place in the Kanata mall. My friend and I went here for dinner before catching a movie (Black Snake Moan, really good). I had the stir fried shrimp satay, which I enjoyed. The shrimp weren't overcooked, and it was nicely spicy for my tastes. I'm not used to spicy food much, as I can't eat it often, though. My friend ordered the stir fried beef satay, but they mixed up his order and he got beef vermaceli instead. He ate it and quite enjoyed it anyway.

We both had the deep fried banana for desert, it was a little overdone for my taste, and too much batter, but not bad. Overall, a decent meal for the price, if not outstanding.

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B Kho 9


2016 Feb 7
Seriously, try the B Kho. Best dish on the menu and best place in town to get this dish!

You can see the progressive improvement in smartphone camera technology by my postings in this section. ;-)

2015 Aug 15
This was rich in flavour with lots of tender beef and carrots. My new favourite Vietnamese dish.

2014 Mar 14
It's still amazing, btw. :-)

2013 Sep 11
I keep zooming in more and more with my B Kho pics. This one should look almost as good as it tastes!

2013 Mar 13
While the price has jumped up by almost $2, this is still probably one of the tastiest and largest meals of beef for the price. Still amazing!

2012 Oct 20
Finally tried the b kho, did not disappoint! $10, huge portion, leaner beef than I'm used to and a lighter broth... Also, no daikon, just carrot and onions. Still, very flavorful and plentiful. Not shy on the beef! Super friendly owners, bustling atmosphere, and clean! Lots of families in here! Definitely recommend!

2011 Oct 26
My latest photo of the B Kho from today! This was the HC8, featuring both egg and rice noodles.

It was spectacular as always! I noticed that probably 25% of the lunchtime customers were ordering this stew. Word sure gets around! :-)

2010 Dec 8
Hello, my name is warby and I have an addiction. Foursquare tells me I've been to Ox Head five times in the past two months, and I can tell you I've had the B Kho on every single visit.

Comparing this photo with the previous one I posted, you can see that the presentation varies. Today at lunch the restaurant was less busy than usual (one table empty!) so maybe the kitchen was taking more time to make things look good.

Sooo tasty! :-)

2010 Nov 13
Another photo of this fine dish! (Eventually, the various colour temperatures of my iPhone pics will average out to give you an idea of what it really looks like.)

Full of delicious flavour as always!

2010 Sep 3
had this exciting dish twice at new mee fung's, very good! however, we find ourselves navigating toward the big suburb complexes only because of more entertainment & shopping in the neighboring vicinity and finding more to do and see moreso than centertown or downtown after work or late night.

you can't go wrong with either place, just hit it up wherever convenient to your lifestyle. couldn't find one on somerset that offered it at 3am though LOL!!

and yes it is so easy to make it at home with your eyes closed and let it all enrich for 10 hours in the crock pot and it will brand you as the new Iron Chef. drizzle some hot pepper oil in the soup for that classic touch with the extra orange oil rimmed edge in the bowl... ;)

Phở 1



2012 May 23
HC1. Mixed Seafood Satay with Rice Noodle Soup - good as always, this is probably your best soup choice here.

2011 Apr 16
The Rare Beef and Beef Meatball pho was okay. Not the tastiest broth I've had but good enough! This was a Large, and while more like a Chinatown Medium, it contained a decent amount of meat and was nicely priced at $7.95.

Definitely going back to the B Kho next time!!

2010 Sep 2
beef pho @ ox head. if you like it vanilla style, this is the safe bet. YAWN. be GGG and go for the bo kho!

2006 Sep 23
As you can see, this spicy seafood soup is chock full of seafood! The shrimp were some of the nicest and freshest I've encountered in a Vietnamese soup. On the other hand, the broth was just okay, lacking the depth of flavour found at the really good places.


2010 Nov 13
I'm told that this style of spring roll (yellow, kind of loose, and fairly greasy) is uniquely and authentically Vietnamese. I find the flavour just okay, but they are certainly appetizing.

One nice thing about Ox Head is that they offer a double portion (4 spring rolls) for somewhat less than double the price of a single portion (2 rolls).

2006 Sep 23
They were a little on the greasy side but quite tasty. Not the best I've had but not the worst either.

2010 Nov 13
My kids shared a Won Ton Soup ($6.95). The broth is mild but spectacular! (A bit like white cake -- boring, but amazing when done right.) It contained quite a few bean sprouts, chopped scallions, and 8 or so smallish won tons. They were mild and kid-friendly, without the unique flavour (fungus?) that one often finds in Vietnamese won ton soups.

This would make a great appetizer for two adults!

2010 Nov 13
These were freshly made, but lacked some of the herbal interest found in other restaurants. Also, they were thick and loosely rolled, which made them relatively difficult to eat. Not bad though!

If you order the "normal" wraps with pork and shrimp, you get the peanut-hoisin sauce as a condiment. With the grilled meat rice wraps, you get the fish sauce instead (as indicated by FEEL MY SERPENTINE).

2010 Sep 2
beef rice wraps @ ox head. light apps like any vietnamese joint out there. here it comes with the fish/rice vinegar + carrot dipping sauce as opposed to the peanut soy sauce found in others.

2012 Mar 3
This is a nice tasty vermicelli bowl. The chicken is really excellent, the beef is the boring thin sliced tasteless kind, and the spring rolls are okay. The ratio of ingredients is perfect.

2015 Aug 15
Pork chop, grilled chicken and a steamed egg and pork meat loaf served on rice. It was huge. It was good. I have had tastier meat. The meat is heavily marinated. A little more natural flavours would be better. I slightly prefer Kanata Noodle House in the same hood.