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Weekend Brunch at New Edinburgh Pub
Foods from New Edinburgh Pub

2010 Sep 1
I went for drinks here on Monday night- I wanted to take advantage of the hot weather and sit out on their rooftop patio.

The patio is awesome and right at the corner of all the action on Beechwood.

The Monday special is 1/2 price pizzas and tall boys for $4.50(?).

We ordered a combination pizza, I had a double caesar and my boyfriend had a pint of Keith's.

The pizza wasn't anything special. It could have come from Metro down the street- it seemed as though it was built on a pre baked crust. Regardless, my boyfriend was happy and at $7.50, you can't really complain. I don't know that I'd be so thrilled to pay the regular price for it.

The Keith's on tap was great- the lines were running well.

My caesar's were good until I got the bill and was charged for the price of a caesar(6.35) and the price of a vodka(5.60), so $11.95 for the same sized glass as a regular caesar. Most places give you a break on the extra shot- I felt as though I was being gouged a bit. My boyfriend brought this to the attention of the server who said that they did not have any other way to charge for the double. I suppose the best solution is to just ask next time.

The server was pretty good- I will definately go back, just probably drink wine the next time and pass on the pizza.

2009 Aug 10
So, I met a friend here on Saturday night for dinner. Chose the locale because it wasn't far from work and I drive by it almost daily.

The place was hopping at 6pm and the roof top patio was packed thanks to the guest appearance from the sun. We sat on the main floor inside, but I agree with F&T that the patio would be a nice place to sit and watch the action passing by.

The interior was comfortable but nothing special. The exterior does the place no justice- I think they need to spruce it up as it looks rather dumpy.

There appeared to be a lot of different beers available but I am not a beer drinker so I can't comment specifically. The diet coke tasted good though.

The menu was fairly broad with options including pizzas, burgers, salads, traditional pub fare, a variety of nachos etc.

I stuck with the New Edinburgh salad which was a nice fresh bed of spring greens topped with pecans, grapes, cranberries and feta cheese. This was served with a creamy poppyseed dressing probably either Kraft or Renees. The salad was OK- nice fresh greens- no slimey bits in the mix. A commercial dressing doesn't necessarily mean it's bad. I thought the price of the salad was a little steep at $11 considering none of the topping were used in excess. I felt $9 would be a more realistic price.

The table next to us orderd nachos which were huge but given the $12.50-15.00 price range, it seems about right. The nachos didn't look that appetizing to me- boring yellow corn round and the cheese looked over done- dry and crunchy looking. Though our food arrived promptly, the nachos seemed to take forever(the table complained. However, given the state they arrived, it looked as though they had been sitting under the heat lamp for a while and probably the servers fault(I spent 12 years working in the restaurant industry).

I wasn't unhappy with our service- the server was kind enough to brew fresh coffee for my friend as nobody but my friend drinks coffee in a pub.

Washrooms could be a problem for those with mobility issues- they are single units(like in a home) located in the basement. Glad I asked or I mighty still be looking for them.

I would return here when in the area but it certainly wouldn't be a destination from home given the options on Preston, which are close to me - support your Preston businesses folks!

2008 Sep 10
Dropped in here for a drink after an Ottawa Rapidz baseball game (a game we won BTW). Decided to sit on the rooftop patio. This is a well thought out patio, with it’s own bar, large screen tvs, and a dumb waiter service from the kitchen in the restaurant below. I had a glass of Sauvignon Blanc from Deakins of Australia, while “The Man” ordered a Beau’s Beer… as the Beau's tap isn’t on the upstairs rail, we had to wait for the glass to come up via the dumb waiter… LOL. The bartender was nice, and didn’t hassle us continually, she seemed to sense which patrons wanted attention, and which ones were just looking to relax on the patio. We spent a pleasant hour or so catching the last rays of summer, and watching the car traffic below us. This is actually a great spot for car spotting… lots of high-end cars, limos and diplomatic cars with “red plates”. All in all a nice way to pass the time.

2008 Jun 9
Went there for a late night beer and muchies. Faitas were awsome!! Service was great and friendly and there was a band playing some great bluesy music. Not to mention they have beau's on tap!!!

2008 Feb 25
Dropped in for a visit, after a long day of shopping. Hadn't been here in years. Still a friendly place. "The Man" had a Beau's Lug Tread, I had a glass of Deakin Shiraz.

Pub has a cozy atmosphere. The bar area was filled with regulars, leisurely enjoying the late afternoon. This is also a pub that features NTN / Buzztime and the screens can also be accessed from the larger dining area.

2007 Jun 22
Poor Food, Poor Service, Unsanitary Conditions

Father’s day June 17, 2007. Service was extremely poor. No coffee cups for coffee, so it was served in wine glasses. Clearly the dishes were not done from the day before. Placed our order. Took ˝ hour to receive our water and wine. I was told over the phone by the manager, we could order lobster and salad. Different story when we were there. Only breakfast was available. ˝ hour later, breakfast still was not served. The first washroom was covered in puke from the night before. One hour, still no food. A cook arrives and announces to the few servers and loud enough for patrons to hear that he slept in and forgot about the lobster.

I will never go back to this hole. Shame on the owners of this restaurant. They do not deserve to be in business.

2007 May 6
Had these here last night watching the Sens game on the big screen. Huge 1 piece of battered fish with tons of fries. Nice and crispy with every bite and not overdone, served with a little cup of coleslaw and tartar sauce. The fries are soooo good!! Would definitely order this again...

2014 Apr 13
There is a small but varied menu for the Sunday brunch. I had the make your own omelette which was a lot of food for $8.50 and that is after adding a side of toasts. It comes with fried potatoes with tender chunks of onions.

Others of our party had the combination breakfast platters which were a lot of food. My favourite was the one with a choice of breakfast meat, 2eggs, mixed fruits, toasts and French toasts made with real baguette for $9.99. The pancake breakfast looked huge too and it was something like $6-7.

Definitely good value for money and the quality is slightly above average pub brunch. The décor is plain pub style but clean. Definitely a local hangout kind of place.

The service was great too - we got timely refills of everything! We were here for a birthday party and they allowed a cake to be brought in and would not charge a service fee.