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Mrs Le
Foods from Mrs Le

2012 Mar 3
:( :( wnent there after work the other day... and the wait to get a table was 1 hour becasue the place was really busy.. What a bummer for me. either way i still love the place

2012 Jan 7
first impression was a family owned pho place hard working lady, decor was cheesy but i liked it.
ORDERED THE rare beef with beef brisket, and my friend had ordered only rare beef.. Both of us agreed that this restaurant has to be the tastiest pho place in ottawa. i ordered a large, but to be honest it seemed liek their large is a medium everywhere else, thats the only dissapointment but i know i'll come back because its soooo good and tasty omg omg omg.

probably my favorit pho place for now

2011 Dec 5
I stopped in to Mrs. Le after passing it by numerous times. I was looking for something light, cheap and cheerful, and Mrs. Le delivered on all counts. I was on my way to play a concert, so, I only wanted a soup to warm my body and my fingers. I ordered the #12, Spicy Chicken Satay soup. I'm not sure I could detect any peanuts, which I thought would be there, but the spice was nice and the noodles supple and satisfying. A small size was all I needed to fill me up. Next time, I'll try the beef -- and bring the family. I was encouraged to read on their menu that they are anxious to accommodate those patrons with food allergies. My daughter has a sesame, peanut and nut allergy, making going out for Asian food problematic. But, Mrs. Le may be OK. I'll definitely look into it.

2011 Dec 2
I went to Mrs. Le's this week, and I agree with some of what's been said thus far. The people running the restaurant are incredibly friendly and helpful with choosing from the menu, and the ingredients were all very fresh. I had the vegetarian hot and sour soup with pineapple to begin, and it was very flavourful and just spicy enough. For my main, I had the bun with vegetarian spring rolls and peanut sauce. I found that there weren't very many herbs in the dish, and while it was fine, I was underwhelmed by the overall flavour. Possibly it's because I made a poor choice when ordering and should have opted for the lemongrass veggies bun instead.

I would definitely go back if someone else suggested it, or I found myself in the neighbourhood. I'll stick with the Vietnamese restaurants in Chinatown in the meantime.

2009 Sep 13
I've went to Mrs. Le for my second time today. The Pho is really incredible. Very tasty, and the food comes quickly. Well decorated and its a real nice family environment. Mrs Le, her daughter and her husband run the place. Great people

2009 May 13
I checked out Mrs Le's last night after driving by it about a million times.

Of the restaurants I have been to, Mrs Le's has one of the more "unique" decors around. I like the hanging paper lanterns. The curio type cabinets on the wall are loaded with all kinds of knick-knaks which might prove as useful if you are ever there on a boring date.

I ordered some Shrimp Summerrolls, Springrolls, calamari and bun with shrimp, bbq pork and springroll.

Summerrolls looked very nice and were very large, but after I started eating them, I noticed they were flavorless. I could detect a small amount of mint and that is it. The shrimp had no flavor which seems to be a common theme these days with all of the farm raised shrimp on the market. The rice rolls(paper) was a little dry, which leads me to wonder if these are made in advance?

Springrolls were very good. The Calamari had a very nice coating but was a little bit chewy.

The bun was excellent but again, no peanuts as garnish, which I really like.

Overall, enjoyable but a little more expensive than some of the other Vietnamese restaurants. However, there is more atmosphere. Service is very pleasant.

Word for the wise: they tend to close earlier if it is slow. I have driven by and found them closed earlier than usual some nights.

2008 Apr 11
Went here and had the calamari appetizer w/ sweet chili sauce. It was battered and fried and lightly seasoned. A little expensive (~$9) for the portion, but good.

I had the lemongrass beef on vermicelli and my SO had chicken & shrimp on vermicelli. My lemongrass beef was just alright, it had a lot of fresh veggies in there which was nice, but was missing the mint, lettuce & cucumber as noted on the menu, an oversight perhaps? My SO said her chicken & shrimp were just ok as well. Her dish was also missing any sign of mint, etc. Maybe an off night, based on other's reviews?

2008 Mar 15
Ms Le's keeps me returning, as well. Her large (but not huge) menu offers some real standouts in terms of price and taste: e.g., the lemon-grass veggies on noodle + spring roll for $8.95 is delish.

Everything is fresh and tasty, spicy (to taste) but balanced. Mrs Le runs a tight ship. Good stuff.

2008 Mar 8
This is also one of my favorite vietnamese restaurants in Ottawa. The food taste like homemade cuisine; just great!

Her spring rolls are hard to beat and her egg noodle wonton soup (I'm always asking for rice noodle instead of egg noodle) is delicious.

The place is well decorated and you can see various items like dragons, carrousels, etc. in a glass showcase.

Try it! A must!!!