Foods from Moxie's

2009 Mar 4
Like so many others… I don’t suppose that Moxie’s - Bayshore is so much a destination as it is a convenience. After a recent shopping trip, we stopped in for a bite to eat. It was Friday Evening, and the restaurant was busy, but because we were willing to sit at the bar we were motioned past the long line-up.

“The Man” ordered a beer, while I had a Caesar. The friendly energetic Bartender told us that there were complimentary wings being featured… there were four types on offer (Hot, Honey Garlic, Salt & Pepper, or Teriyaki) being unsure of the preparation we opted for the Honey Garlic sauce on the side. The plate was garnished with carrot sticks (always a nice touch). The wings were quite tasty.

For Mains, “The Man” ordered the Mayan Chicken Salad – lime grilled chicken served on top of mixed greens with cheddar, black beans and tomatoes tossed in a creamy peppercorn dressing with a hint of BBQ flavour. I had the Spinach Salad – a generous serving of spinach with warm bacon dressing, sweet red onions, chopped hard boiled eggs, mushrooms & crisp bacon served with a side of asiago crisps. We both liked our meals, but found the servings quite large, and so asked for containers to take the leftovers home… and they were just as great on day two when served up along side a Steak and Baked Potato.

We enjoyed the food and the atmosphere… especially the fun young Bartender who was quick to engage us in conversation and make us feel right at home. Overall it was a good experience, and makes me wonder why I haven’t made this more of a destination and less of a happen-stance as I can’t recall ever being disappointed with either the food or the service. (In fact now I look forward to “planning” a visit to the new Moxie’s in Kanata).

2007 Oct 15
Wow, this thread (ref: is so compelling that, being a West End girl, I went to Moxie's (Bayshore) for dinner last night! After telling my boyfriend about how heated this thread is becoming, he couldn't resist the opportunity to be served by a potentially scantily-clad young thing. However, he was slightly disappointed when our waitress, Jenna, was not half-naked. A bit of cleavage and some knee-high boots, but nothing obscene. The waitresses were clad in scoop-neck t-shirts and capris and boots! Having only been to the Bayshore location once, I would have to believe Monty when he says that the comments likely refer to the Gloucester location.

Service was good and Jenna was quite knowledgable, making recommendations about our orders. The food was good for a chain restaurant. The "med bread" appie (baked flatbread with a trio of dips) was quite tasty and I would definitely order it on my next visit. The portion was generous enough for my boyfriend and myself to share, too. And I can't complain that the Shanghai Noodle dish I ordered prepared hot was actually spicy enough for my heat-seeking tastebuds. The chocolate cherry bread pudding for dessert was actually really, really good and quite rich. I didn't leave disappointed.

Am I rushing back for the food, atmosphere or service? No. But it wasn't half bad and really and truly, even my judgy-judgy prudish self didn't find the waitresses too sexy.


2007 Oct 3
The strawberry margarita I had there was terrible. I realize that it isn't their specialty, but the syrup they use doesn't taste anything like strawberries. It was watery instead of being thick and slushy. The food isn't great and it bothers me that the waitresses at the Bayshore location are snotty and look like they should be working as strippers. Makes me wonder what their hiring policies are.

2007 Jan 12
I tried a Margarita here on "Margarita Day" and almost hurled. It was pure artificial lime flavour, much like eating a green lifesaver candy. YUCK YUCK YUCK!!! Not even a drop of real lime juice. I couldn't drink it. :-(


2007 Feb 28
Ok, just to balance out Fresh Foodie's margarita nightmare, I'd like to comment positively on their Martini Day ( used to be $4.27 each) Now, in a commercial restaraunt like this, I wouldn't expect the martinis to be very good, and certainly the ones on the menu were the girli-tinis ( apologies to all the girlies I just offended) that are more mix, than 'tini. I however asked the server if custom martinis were also the same price and they told me YES. So I ordered my standard Vodka,Gin,Vermouth martini with 2 olives, and it was big, and quite intoxicating (or maybe it was the second that was intoxicating.. not sure). Yea martinis!

Don't get me wrong, it isn't in the ballpark of a Lychee Martini from Juniper, but you can't go wrong for less than $5...


2008 Oct 15
I go to Moxies in Bayshore as often as I can.
Mostly I order the "beef dip" sandwich. It is consistently good. Nicely presented. I have never been served by a grumpy server. The servers are pleasant, and chatty. Last nite we mentioned it was my girlfriends birthday...and voila after the meal she was served cake with a candle!!
Sure can't complain about James, our server. He was very efficient, happy, and helpful!
All in all, we like the atmosphere; the prices are reasonable; and I love the size of the wine glasses!!!