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Foods from Baton Rouge

2011 Mar 19
Not having a good weekend food wise. We were invited out to a birthday dinner with two other couples and experienced the worst steak in Ottawa yet. 16 oz rib $31 ordered medium rare came rare a dull pale grey color with faint grill marks and no crust on this puppy. The actual quality of the steak was very poor being tough with a white unedible membrane throughout. Nudged by my wife was the sign to not complain during our friends birthday celebration drats! Garlic mashed were warm and my second side their beans were an extra $4 because they were packaged in the second set of sides weird I thought sides were sides. One redeeming point was the salad that came with the steak that my wife ate it was average. I tried the ribs my wife ordered and right away you could tell they were boiled then thrown on the grill by the lack of any pork taste from the mushy meat. The predominant flavor was the sweet sauce but the shrimps that came with her ribs I'm told were very good big and firm. Is it my bad luck or are restaurants not trying hard enough to get it right?

2011 Jan 31
Went to the Kanata location tonight and was fairly disappointed with the food. I wasn't expecting over the top excellent but was at least expecting very good food. What we got was boring jambalaya cajun soup. Needed lots of salt and pepper. Not inedible but not much better than canned. Andouille sausage my ass...

Ribs for main were not great. Tasted like they boiled them in Coke a week ago. Not a lot of notes there. I ate them with the salivatory zeal of a starving man at Burger King.

Sweet potato fries were fried past the overheating point of the oil (or the frying oil was old). I ate about half of them mainly out of the habit of picking out extra crispy ones. The dip was nice though.

Slaw.. well bland again but ok by slaw standards.

BORING food. Will not return.

2011 Jan 1
My husband and I love Baton Rouge. We almost always order the ribs and fries for my husband and ribs and veggies for myself. There are so many fries on his plate, that I can eat half of his and we share the veggies. It is different having so many people serving you - I guess that's because they share all the tips equally between them? But I believe all the servers have been polite and friendly. The atmosphere is dark, but we like that.

2010 Feb 21
I like this place and am quite surprised at how disappointed people have been. I do agree, however, that the prices are way too high. I like the 'open' kitchen and this place is always impeccably clean. Mind you, I kind of stick to what I love - and that is the Catch of the Day. I have never ever been disappointed. Fresh fish smoked and grilled to perfection - NEVER dry, even if it's a leaner fish. I wish I knew their secret. And who can resist the baked potatoe? A couple extra workouts at the gym are in order after this meal - but it is a realy treat. My husband can't resist the chicken and ribs. We only go a couple times a year b/c of the cost. A large glass of their house red cost me $15! I will stick to a water next time and then head out for drinks at Bin 790 (the new classy adult-friendly place in Centrum).

2010 Jan 5
Got stuck in Kanata again...where to go in Centrum? We ended up here for a late Sunday lunch back in December. I find the portions way beyond huge here so I only had an appetizer for my main.

Nothing too exciting-I had the chicken fingers and fries (not called that but that's what they are!) The frite style fries were very good (huge amount!) and the fried chicken also was of good quality-not a lot of flavour but the chicken was soft and tender and chicken breast really is bland. The coating reminded me of a fish coating, but for $8.99 this was a reasonably priced lunch-probably the cheapest thing to order here.

My friend ordered the calamari app which is grilled, not fried. It was quite good-tender and flavourful and served with a decent dipping sauce. They used to fry the calamari but we preferred this style. She had the tuna with a salad and loved it-they cooked the tuna to her preference.

We had the wine choice on offer for the season,a bottle of chardonnay (not cheap but good).

It was not an inexpensive lunch but quality was just fine and the ambience was quiet and relaxing. Enough leftovers for lunch the next day! Just a note-our wine cost about the same as the food!

2009 Aug 25
Love the food, but it is way too expensive. Plus they got rid of so many nice items, such as the cheese spinach side. Also, it is sooo dark in there it is laughable. Service is odd too, with no less than 5 different people serving one table. I prefer having the same server bring me my food and take it away. And it wasnt even busy so I do not understand this method. The food I got was very very good, but it seems somehow not as good as in the past, like it has been cheapened down a little. Can't quite put my finger on it but there is something less than before.

2009 Jan 16
I had to go to this restaurant to try the ribs people have been raving about. Well they were tender but the sauce was nothing to write home about. I think they cheat ard boil their ribs. If you have ever eaten authentic rubbed ribs on the BBQ you will be dissapointed. The food is a bit overpriced but the atmosphere is was good. If you want a better place you will have to travell accross the border to a place called Dinasaur BBQ in Syracuse NY they do BBQ right

2008 Apr 18
Went here with a group of about 18 for a goodbye lunch but I will only speak for myself. I ordered the seared tuna salad. The tuna was great - I got a decent sized hunk for lunch and it was properly seared. It was served alongside the salad which was unproportionally way too large and very uninspiring. How dissapointing.

2008 Mar 1
I don't know why people like this place. It's crowded, over-priced and the food is very ordinary. They don't have any decent appetizers - I'm a smoked salmon fiend and I HATED they're smoked salmon spread...it was kinda like a 1950's style cheese ball that your maiden aunt would make. Also, the service is bad. Their system of allowing more than one server per table does not work very well.

2008 Mar 1
I went here last night with a few people at someone else's request. I had read the 'warnings' on here before going so I was not expecting much. And that is exactly what they delivered....

Both the food and service were so-so. I had a Baton Rouge burger, not the ribs, so perhaps that influenced things. The burger was a bit dry even though I had asked for medium-well, not well-done. I could not believe how many people must love this place though since it was absolutely packed.

I will not be returning to this place unless it is for another group thing.

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2008 Aug 18
Really love how they are fully loaded with the toppings, but there is way too much salt on the skins making them slightly inedible.