Foods from Baton Rouge

2017 Mar 27
I've been to all Baton Rouges in the city, and this one is by far the best.
We had dinner with my family tonight and the server was excellent. Nevine was attentive and funny. The food was great! We'll be back.

2014 Dec 8
We finally redeemed a gift card after almost a year. I have to say that the service here was very good. No craft beers to speak of so I opted for water. Two out of the four dishes served had to be sent back. The chicken strips arrived cold and the rib steak ordered medium rare arrived medium. The manager came to the table to apologise and rectified the mater promptly. To give them credit the steak would be fairly hard to get medium rare since it was only a quarter inch thick, no excuse for cold chicken tenders though. I lucked out this time and got a perfectly done inch thick medium rare piece of prime rib that was finished on the grill. My side of garlic mashed was a tad on the dry side and the veggies were overdone and mushy. The other meal of ribs and beans was a small portion and overly sweet and overdone. I came with low expectations from my last visit a few years back so I was surprised I was the one with the semi acceptable meal. Mediocrity at its finest in Kanata.

2014 Nov 7
I try to avoid negative comments. Here are the positives - we were a big group, and they did a great job of serving us. They have Guinness. I liked the shoe string fries, and the beans were ok. Someone else picked up the bill :)

I take back anything I've ever said about the ribs. This time out they were the worst overcooked messed I can remember.

2013 Jun 28
The Good: Service is great. Food is fantastic: fresh and flavorful. Nice atmosphere. A bit noisy.

The Bad: WAY overpriced. A small rack of ribs and one side is $21+. No bread. No appetizer. Add some potatoes and a side salad and your looking at $30+. Save yourself some $$$ and go to St. Hubert or Swiss Chalet: it will be just as good and cost a lot less.

2012 Jul 10
Feel free to delete this, but do NOT try Thi Fusion next time. It's absolutely brutal.

2012 Jul 10
As always, meeting Ottawa folks halfway from Constance Bay...
There is a lunch menu with several selections-these include coffee and the daily dessert.Options were fish & chips, Cajun chicken, ribs, steak salad—prices range depending on the entree. The regular menu is also available. We chose the lunch menu-I had the hamburger (bacon, cheese, onion rings, bbq sauce) with frites and he had the pulled pork on ciabbata bun with sweet potato fries and chipotle aioli. They asked how I wanted my burger ; medium or well—I chose medium and it was juicy. The amount of fries was/were insanely huge with the sweet potato ones tasting much better than the regular. We ate less than half the fries! I haven’t been in a Baton Rouge in some time but I thought I remembered the fries being better—they are frites style but the seasoning made me suspect frozen versus fresh. Food was good and price was reasonable given the coffee and dessert (which was a small dense, rich chocolate cake with whipped cream and raspberry sauce-I thought it was ok given the lunch special but I’m not sure I would have liked it at $6-7). The coffee was decent. We ordered iced teas before we realized the lunch special had coffee or tea-probably would have had water had we known tea/coffee was included! All in all it was a nice lunch and there is a patio with an awning. The table was wobbly but service was friendly and prompt, drinks refilled as needed. Burger and pulled pork were both good but there was a lot of food-most of it in the form of carbs! Probably will try Thi Fusion next time.

2011 Sep 11
We went to Kanata B R. on the week end. It wasn't our pick for a restaurant and after reading some of the reviews I was a bit leary.
The place was very full and the atmosphere noisy. You spoke loudly at your table, but I didn't seem to hear anyone else's conversations.

We split the GRILLED calimari and it was excellent. The calimari was tender, not chewy and the caper, tomato relish on top was very flavourful.
There were 3 whole calimaris sliced. I would go back just to order that again.
We both ordered ribs, as they are known for ribs. Hubby loved his, and mine were very tender, but I don't seem to like a smoky flavour anymore. just a personal preference. I like the frites, they were crispy but not dry.
I didn't find it too expensive, ribs generally are more. Some of the other items more so.
Wait staff very friendly and attentive.

2011 Jul 27
Ate at the downtown location of Baton Rouge last night. Food was decent--ribs were a big hit, filet mignons were tasty, and my prime rib was fine. Wine list is better than expected in terms of variety and value, though nothing exciting of course. In contrast to other comments, I didn't find it to be overpriced, given the enormous amount of food they serve.

I generally don't complain about service, but boy, was it haphazard! They waitress "briefed" us sort of defensively that they had a different service model so we would be seeing a lot of different servers, and that was "normal." I don't object to that in principal, and it can have advantages in terms of speed. But it requires really good coordination and communication in order to work, and that didn't seem to be going well last night. Missed drink orders, mixed up orders, incorrect doneness on steaks, food arriving any old time, etc. They were nice enough to comp my cocktail after it took 35 minutes and three requests to get it, but I really would have preferred better service to a free drink.

2011 Mar 22
Ken, my one time ordering a steak here was similar to your experience. The steak was terrible. The ribs are always good for what they are and how they are prepared. I would stick the the ribs and avoid the other mains. I did have the tuna one time and it was decent enough.

2011 Mar 19
Not having a good weekend food wise. We were invited out to a birthday dinner with two other couples and experienced the worst steak in Ottawa yet. 16 oz rib $31 ordered medium rare came rare a dull pale grey color with faint grill marks and no crust on this puppy. The actual quality of the steak was very poor being tough with a white unedible membrane throughout. Nudged by my wife was the sign to not complain during our friends birthday celebration drats! Garlic mashed were warm and my second side their beans were an extra $4 because they were packaged in the second set of sides weird I thought sides were sides. One redeeming point was the salad that came with the steak that my wife ate it was average. I tried the ribs my wife ordered and right away you could tell they were boiled then thrown on the grill by the lack of any pork taste from the mushy meat. The predominant flavor was the sweet sauce but the shrimps that came with her ribs I'm told were very good big and firm. Is it my bad luck or are restaurants not trying hard enough to get it right?




2008 Aug 18
Really love how they are fully loaded with the toppings, but there is way too much salt on the skins making them slightly inedible.