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Located inside the Rideau Centre. Formerly the Swiss chain, Mövenpick Marché. They still have Swiss foods but now also have some interesting Asian fusion dishes.

Phở at Richtree Market
Foods from Richtree Market

2011 Jun 14
I love all the salads here.

2010 May 14
Today, I did something I swore three years ago that I would never do: Buy anything other than Birchermüesli or Muffins at Richtree.

Desperately in need of lunch and in an extreme rush back to the office, I found myself in the queue with a piece of Foccacia and some coleslaw.

The description of the foccacia you can see below. Suffice to say, I didn't finish it. I ate about half the bread and then picked off the tomatoes.

The coleslaw was merely cabbage with a bit of dried parsley, dressed in vinegar, vinegar, oil, and then more vinegar. My mouth aches.

There are a few things that Richtree does reasonably well. And many things, I have discovered over the years, that it does not.


2006 Nov 9
A bit too greasy, but nicely crisped and with just the right amount of sour cream...

2007 Oct 29

Had the seafood noodle soup for lunch today. It was pretty good, TONS of veggies which I like. Shrimp, a shrimp ball???(not too sure what it was, but it was good) and fake crab meat. Broth was okay but I liked it.

2006 Sep 15
I ate a plate of Bratwurst and Rösti at Richtree, then in a sudden wave of virtuosity tried the vegetarian Vietnamese soup. It was pretty good, and full of the veggies I was craving. The meat ones are probably a little more tasty though.


2006 Sep 15
This is the only place in town I know that serves authentic Swiss Birchermüesli. Having a Swiss Mom, I was raised on this stuff. Check out the Birchermuesli Wikipedia link for more...


2006 Nov 17
Marche has the best muffins I've ever had: they're large, freshly baked on site, and all natural so they don't sport that chemically taste that pervades other offerings like Tim Hortons. Try the banana!


2008 Dec 6
Although I have heard others gripe about the sandwiches at Richtree, I have been really happy with the Swiss style Egg Salad. I love egg salad and Richtree's is really nice on the soft white triangular bun. The other sandwiches look good but I'm too much of a sucker for the egg to switch.


2010 May 14
Oily white bread with tomato and cheese does not foccacia make. This was equal parts embarrassing and disgusting.