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2013 May 27
A few friends and I decided to try out Luxe Bistro this weekend.......and to be honest I was a little underwhelmed.

One of my companions ordered one of the fresh fruit cocktails (I don't recall the name of it)however they couldnt make it as described in the drink menu because they didnt have any fresh strawberries, she was ok with that but it seemed somewhat strange that they just re-opened and they were out of ingredients already. Another dining buddy ordered a steamwhistle, but there was something wrong with the tap on that keg so steamwhistle was unavailable...

One person ordered the Brick Grilled Chicken, she said that the flavoring was ok but a little too salty for her and she found it a bit fatty. Another person had the Fried Chicken Picnic and said the same thing, flavoring was ok but salty and too fatty. On the other end of the spectrum, I ordered the Filet Mignon with Frites and was happy with what I got, the steak was cooked a perfect medium rare as ordered and the frites were very tasty. My friend ordered the Cioppino and enjoyed it a lot.

Service was excellent and made up for the slight disappointments in the drink situation and the salty chicken.

2013 May 24
LUXE has reopened after a renovation. Still has the best steaks in town, with a new diverse menu. Lots of "foodie" favourites.
There is a new late night vibe as well, with DJ's on weekends and late night menu's.

2013 Apr 24
... I'd rather just have the details. I'm not on FriendFace.

2013 Apr 24
just under renovation...

"@luxebistro - Luxe Bistro is closed until early May while we undergo some AMAZING new changes, like us on FB for details! #ottawa"

2013 Apr 24
It looks like Luxe is now closed. The windows are covered in paper and no sign of life around.

2012 Aug 26
Dined at Luxe for the first time last night.

I was very pleased with the service; a big fat plus. Our server was very attentive, professional, and accommodating with all our various requests for this and that.

I went straight for the entree and ordered the burger with fries. DELISH!!! The burger was so moist and not laden with a bunch of unnecessary toppings. If I recall correctly, it had tomato chutney, foie gras (which I had forgotten about until reminded after), and some micro greens. By far, one of the best hamburgers I've had in a restaurant.

My friend ordered the moules & frites. I'm not a fan of anise flavour but she is so she greatly enjoyed her dish.

The service was great. The food was great. The atmosphere was great. Thumbs up all around.

The only thing to note is that the drinks are very pricey: virgin ceasar ($5), glass of wine ($13), cappucino ($5.75).

I will definitely return.

2012 Mar 27
Date of Visit: March 21, 2012

I had planned to visit Luxe Bistro on a trip to Ottawa in 2011 but was prevented from doing so by lack of time. On my most recent visit to the capital, I made this restaurant a priority and booked a table for 7pm on the first evening of my stay...

Sea Angels Oysters ... Rating 5 out of 5
Wianno Oyster ... Rating 4 out of 5
20oz Long Bone Rib Steak ... Rating 2 out of 5

Luxe Bistro is a nicely appointed and comfortable place and, all in all, I had a very pleasant evening there. My steak was not very good, and the sides mediocre, but, given the excellent oysters and the top-notch service, I am inclined to put that down as just an unfortunate ‘accident’ and not reflective of the general quality of the establishment. I will go there again.

Please read my full pictorial review at

2011 Oct 31
Hi Ottawa Foodie Nation....

New here...Just signed up. I went to Luxe Fri night for dinner, hadn't been for a couple of months but definately on of my fave restaurants in Ottawa.

Had to wait a bit for our table...this happens pretty much every time I've ever been to dinner here. No real problem though, as we just had a drink at the bar. Our table was ready before we were done our drinks!

Was absolutely blown away with the food!

Had the Albacore Tuna Tartare and the Organic Greens salad as starters. Both were delicious. The tuna might have been one of the best I've ever tasted and the goat cheese and nuts in the salad were a really incredible combination. Wonderful way to begin dinner!

By the way, the service and ambiance at Luxe has always been wonderful as well. This hasn't changed one bit.

For the main course I had the Grilled Salmon Steak which was superb. My guest had the steak and loved it. We had no room for dessert because the portions were so generous, but I did have a double expresso which was perfect.

Overall, fantastic night at Luxe, love what the chef is doing there, will be back for dinner soon!

2011 Jul 29
I went to Luxe a couple of weeks ago for a girl's night out for a wedding. Our reservation was at 8:30, but a party was wrapping up at our table, so we were seat probably around 8:50-9. Which was fine with me, as we just had drinks at the bar.

I had a raspberry ginger mojito, which was delicious. My second drink was their special daiquiri of the day, which was watermelon and peppercorn. It sounded interesting, but the execution was not very good. The taste was good, with watermelon and rum flavour, but it had these weird liquid-bloated floaty peppercorns all throughout the drink. I didn't complain, of course I should have, so instead I was just careful not to suck any of those bad tasting boys up my straw.

I have never been to Luxe before, so thought I should get the steak, as I have heard such great things. A friend and myself shared the 28 oz boneless ribeye (for two) on the menu - 65 dollars, a great steal compared to the other steaks on the menu. We chose the beefstake tomatoes with basil and the lobster mash. Both were fantastic!
Before they cook the steak they bring it out to your table to show you and make sure it is to your liking. I looked at it - it wasn't a steak, but the size of the roast! It was amazing! Everything was tasty and cooked to perfection! Yum yum!

I would definitely go back, but skip the weird peppercorn drink.

2010 Dec 17
My husband and I won a gift certificate from AMorning. We went on a thursday night at 6pm - it was not very busy. We loved the ambience, very nice restaurant, the service was decent, but nothing special. I ordered the salmon which came with fingerling potatoes and a weird tomato mush. It was a generous portion of salmon, a bit bland and pretty ordinairy. The side of veg was perfectly cooked as were the fingerling potatoes - the potatoes were amazing! My husband ordered the grilled chicken, and he was so disappointed. The chicken was charred and black, and it had a bitter taste. I tried it and I agreed that it was completely unedible. We mentioned to the waiter that the chicken was the result of a dirty grill perhaps, and he graciously apologized and removed it from our bill. Our experience was pretty negative overall, our expectations were high and we were disappointed. We could tell that this restaurant had loads of potential and that we were perhaps the victims of an off night in kitchen. Don't think we will be returning.

Fries 2


2006 Sep 20
nicely thinly cut, and very lightly spiced. wonderful!

2006 Sep 14
Luxe serves those neato small Belgian-style frites. Pretty good although I'm no fan of mayo with my fries.



2008 Dec 23
A friend and I decided to share creme brulee. I wish we didn't; it was so delicious, we finished it in about 30 seconds!





2006 Sep 14
Possibly the best chocolate cake I've had in a restaurant.



2006 Sep 15
I tried a magically purple Lotus Martini here and enjoyed it so much that I tried to reverse-engineer it at home. Here's what I came up with:

* 1 oz Lychee liqueur
* 3/4 oz Absolut vodka
* 1/4 oz Blue Curacao
* 1 drop Red food colouring
* Mint leaf

1. Shake the three boozes with ice and strain into martini glass.
2. Add the food colouring and stir slightly.
3. Garnish with mint leaf, torn into tiny bits


2007 Sep 26
I had a Kobe Burger for lunch here one day. It's good for what it is, but I can't justify the $20 pricetag. I'd rather eat at Licks 2-3 times...