Foods from Lorenzo's Pizza

2012 Jun 26
I ordered from the Montreal location last week and got a medium combination for $21 including tip. I mention this only because I also got 2 "free" drinks. Now, if the drinks that were provided had been asked for, or even were a brand or flavour that I liked, then perhaps I might be a bit more appreciative. If I was under the illusion that these free drinks were not factored into the price, I might even be grateful. But no, you gave me 2 unwanted cans of Pepsi that I will never, ever drink, and you built this into the price. I know you did.

How was the pizza? It started off strongly with a good topping to dough ratio, lots of tasty sauce, and good pepperoni. But then comes the Ottawa taste. I think it's the cheese. Maybe cheddar mixed in with mozzarella ? Can't even wash it down with a good free drink...

2010 Jun 8
I definitely wouldn't blame the owners for closing early on a Monday night. Saurian I know House of Georgie's is open until 1:00 am and the Colonnade is also open late. Why not just call somewhere else instead of writing a place off from one (seemingly) negative experience? Just my two cents...

2010 Jun 8
i can't speak for the st. patrick location, but the adeline location definitely closes early. i like their pizza, but the pizza parlour itself is more a mom & pop joint and if things are slow, they leave by 11pm. i've never called the main number either.

i understand your frustration, but i wouldn't call it an epic fail just because a small family franchise is closed on a monday night after 11pm.

2010 Jun 8
I wanted to order from Lorenzo's tonight. I was looking for late night delivery and found them to be an option as they stated they delivered until 1am (it was just a little past 11 when I called). Having called the main number, I told the woman I wanted delivery along with my address (in centretown on Metcalfe St.). She quickly cut in with "we don't deliver there", and after being put on crappy distortion-hold for a (second) time, she came back on telling me I had to call another number, for the store on St. Patrick.

OK, fine. So I call that number. No answer. I call again, no answer. I finally call the original number back and wind up speaking to the same abrupt woman as before. I explain my situation to her, that I tried calling the number she gave me and that there's no answer. She then got extremely arrogant, and had nothing to offer me other than a "I told you we don't deliver there. That store should be open" Are you guys a-freaking-filiated??

Epic fail, and never again.

2009 Aug 4
i get my pizza from lorenzo's on adeline street. the owners are wonderful and always accomodating to my requests. it is simple pizza, no fancy toppings. it is a think crust, lots of sauce and cheese. i usually have the vegetarian.

the garlic dipping sauce is made inhouse (not sure if it is available at all locations). it is very (very) strong.

it is more expensive than the chains, but you eat less because it is so filling.

if you like traditional, no-nonsense style pizza and aren't worried about your waist line, this is for you.

the adeline location has a small patio out front and a sit-down dining room. neither are fancy or worth the visit, unless you are stopping by to get the pizza for takeout.



2008 Dec 10
I like this place quit a bit. It has excellent pizza with a lot of cheese! The pizza sauce is really tasty with a nice hint of nutmeg in it. The prices are good (about 25$ for large delivery pizza and tip), but I have had a lot of trouble lately with delivery times, it takes a while so order about 1 hour before you want to eat.


2007 May 18
Not sure if anyone remembers Baxter's on Bank St. Lorenzo's are the closest I've found to the same style, flavour, look and best of all smell of the old Baxter's wings. We used to go every Thursday night, like clockwork; so Baxter's wings are the one to be judged against.