Foods from Ikea

2012 Sep 29
Seriously? $1.99+tax for a decent slice of pretty okay butterscotch chocolate tart.

The food here won't win culinary awards, but for more-or-less real food at a decent price it blows fast food joints to smithereens!

2010 Sep 18
I haven't tried Ikea's crayfish but I had crayfish in my paella in France and I found them a bit of a let down. I'd prefer shrimp or lobster- more meat, less fussy to get at.

2010 Sep 18
Has anyone tried the Crayfish from IKEA? They're sold frozen in sizable boxes for ~ $12. Very appealing!

Also, the frozen Rösti looks like a nice product. 8 small cakes, totaling more than 1 pound by weight, for around $2.50. Nicely priced compared to the long-life stuff in a package at Loblaws. Can anyone recommend?

2010 Feb 20
I was over there this morning looking at bunk beds for the boys when I noticed their $1 breakfast special before 11am - 2 sausage, home fries and scambled eggs. Wow! For an extra $1 you get 2 rolled pancakes with apples and cinnamon rolled up in them. The sausages were actually really tasty - even my oldest son commented on them. The rest of it was probably only slightly above fast-food, but pretty hard to complain about it given the price! The quantities were pretty generous.


2009 Nov 6
Wifey informed me recently that they are no longer served fresh and hot. Too bad -- that might explain why they don't seem so good anymore.

2009 Nov 3
Hmm...they are just okay. Yes, they are cheap, but they're also heavy and oily. I save my $1 and go and buy a quality one elsewhere.

2008 Jul 29
They're pretty amazing for $1. You can get a 6 pack for $4 to take away.
You can also get extra icing if you get them at the bistro/hot dog counter.

2006 Sep 10
These are really really good... almost makes battling the shopping crowds worthwhile! They're available at the hot dog counter just past the cashiers.