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Hy's Steakhouse
Hy's Steakhouse
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2015 Sep 10
Closing in February 2016:

2012 Mar 19
My cholestrol sense is tingling...

2012 Mar 18
I think this was his steak !!!

2012 Mar 18
Wow... 160 oz? That's huge!

2012 Mar 18
Eating at Hy's is quite an experience. My meal was very well-prepared but the service, though efficient and quick was less enjoyable. You can read a few more details about that here at

Meal: 160z Bone in Rib Eye ordered ‘Chicago style’ medium rare.

Rating: 4 Stars

2011 Feb 10
My husband and I went there last night before heading to the NAC. We had never been but had heard the steaks were excellent. The dining room doesn't open until 5:30 and we got there at 5:15, but we were told we could go to the lounge and order from the menu, so we did.

As first we had a server who made us feel a bit rushed, but he was swapped out after taking our drink order and our second server (Kim) was incredible. My husband has a severe dairy allergy and we love to share meals, so she went out of her way to ensure everything we had was safe. Rather than the usual garlic bread, she got us fresh bread with oil and vinegar (nothing spectacular, but she could have just said that the usual garlic bread that is served had dairy and left it at that).

We split a bottle of Presecco ($45), and it was delicious! Citrusy and with enough body and bubbles to stand up to steak.

For the app we shared the Long Dry Ribs. The dish came with three ribs, and they were excellent. Almost crispy on the outside (convection oven perhaps, certainly not deep fried). Although they didn't have a ton of meat, they were chewy in a delectable savoury way and perfectly seasoned. I would definitely order these again. A great starter for protein-lovers.

Hubby got the 10oz New York Strip with fries, and I got the 8oz tenderloin with "Benny" potatoes (apparently taken from the lunch menu, she got them for us as a side since they were dairy-free. They are pan-fried potatoes with bell peppers). Both steaks were delicious although we both preferred the tenderloin - incredibly tender and juicy.

We each got a coffee and out of the blue the server brought me a slice of their chocolate bourbon cake with a candle! She said, "I know it's not technically your birthday, but you're celebrating!". It was a stellar touch and, quite frankly, made my day. It's also noteworthy that the cake was delicious. Velvety in texture, it was a cross between a lava cake and a mousse with a small spoonful of white chocolate ganache on the side.

We had a marvelous time and we will definitely be back.

2010 Oct 26
I made the reservation at Hy's with some trepidation. I know it's viewed as one of those restaurants that caters to politicians and others with expense accounts. Still, I'll try anything once and it DOES look oh-so-swanky!

We got to the restaurant and had to wait about 3-4 minutes before someone noticed us standing at the hostess podium. We were seated quickly in a comfy booth near the entrance - I like these booths, they're nice and secluded and I didn't feel like everyone was listening to my conversation.

There is a giant glass-enclosed flame grill in the middle of the restaurant where they (I guess?) cook the steaks - it was really cool but took us about an hour to figure out what it was.

We started with cocktails, then ordered oysters rockefeller, which came out almost immediately. This was actually a bit of a theme - we felt a little bit rushed and like the timing was off - 'slow food' is definitely not practiced here. Maybe just our server, too. He seemed somehow...flat? No sense of humour. The sommelier was personable, though.

Anyway, I digress! On to the important stuff - the STEAK. We both ordered the NY striploin with Hy's sauce, which to my delight isn't a BBQ sauce they slather on after cooking. The steaks were fantastic - perfectly cooked and great flavour. We had a Burgundy Pinot Noir to drink, which was a little bit underwhelming but that's my fault - I knew Burgundy Pinots were mild, but I didn't know they were THAT mild.

We had the cheesecake for dessert based on kmennie's rec and were definitely not disappointed - this was probably the best cheesecake I've had in Ottawa.

Final bill for two cocktails, bottle of wine, app, two steaks, one side, one dessert, and two dessert coffees + tax was $220. Not unreasonable, but I'd definitely rather go to Beckta (or if I'm craving steak, maybe to Big Easy's).

2008 Oct 27
Hy's is definitely close to the very bottom of my "to eat at list". I went here for lunch today and it was highly disappointing! It was my third time (twice for lunch now, another for cocktails) and I haven't been very impressed all three times.

I ordered the shrimp and crab salad. Very boring. For $17 it sure wasn't worth the price. It was bland and the lettuce was not very fresh -- in fact it was wilted and soaked in what tasted like Thousand Islands dressing. The baby shrimp and crab meat were fine but again, not very exciting. I barely ate half my plate -- it was a truly UNinspired meal. In an effort to compensate for the disappointing dish, I ordered Bourbon chocolate cake for dessert -- it was okay but I tasted too much of the alcohol.

Overall, the meal was truly sub-par.

2007 Feb 2
A largely vegetarian sum-up, with brief comments from the omnivores:

-- tomato/onion/blue-cheese salad: this is a great idea, and everything about it was nicely done save for the tomatoes. More succulence is required, even if it is February. Nice restaurants shouldn't shop at Hartman's.

-- sautéed mushrooms: as expected. Un-fussed-with, thankfully.

-- macaroni and cheese: superlative. Gorgonzola turns out to be a wonderful idea for mac and cheese.

-- cauliflower gratin: as expected. A nice, not-so-common sort of side.

-- asparagus: no, no, no; if you're serving hollandaise, you're supposed to let ME flavour it. No oil, no lemon; just steam and serve. And, for heavens' sakes, are all restaurants adverse to snapping off the ends at the right point? That aside, still good; nice young stalks.

-- hollandaise: worth ordering.

Yes, "largely vegetarian," and "steakhouse." I know, I know. But there's an awful lot to be said for well-done simple fare, and steakhouse sides usually fit that bill.

From the omnivores:

-- a fish dish was the tiniest thing I've ever seen on a plate outside of a French restaurant; name escapes me now, though
-- maple chicken was apparently very good
-- steak with the Hy's sauce, ditto

Desserts: frozen yoghourt 'with fresh berries' needed more than a tiny amount of sliced strawberries, but had a smooth coconutty flavour. Cheesecake -- see picture -- was tops.



2007 Feb 2
Oh, yum!

Mentioning that I was going here got a recommendation to try the cheesecake. For, it turned out, good reason -- smooth and creamy and perfect, I thought.

2009 Sep 5
usually the best caesar salad in Ottawa...dressing prepared fresh in front of you! The lettuce is always spectacular to boot. I would love to hear of a better caesar salad in o-town!