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2009 Sep 5
Every summer i get suckered into going to Feleena's because of the great patio, and every year by the end of the summer, I'm swearing to never return. The nachos are pretty good (heavy on the cheese, not the portion size, but the cheese makes it pretty filling... dont order anything but the nachos, they're the safest bet), but the rest of the menu is a disaster. Hoping for some kind of light summery salad we ordered the Caesar... which consisted of a surprising medley of inedible veggies and terrible dressing. Ordering a cocktail was equally as startling to find the Strawberry Daiquiris were not sweet and fruity but bitter and lime-y. The prices are ridiculously high. The service is usually more eccentric than friendly. The atmosphere is nice, and of course the patio is the only draw. If your in the mood for Mexican make the trip to Ahora... or at the very least to the other end of the Glebe to Mexis where the prices are a bit lower.

2009 Sep 4
I used to like this place but the last two times I went were terrible. This last time was especially bad. I ordered the soft tacos, and my guests (from out of town) ordered the mexican flag and quesidilla. We didn't even eat our cold stale food and we still had to pay $45!!!

Needless to say, my loyalty to this place is gone... as is my presence from Feleena's.

2009 Jun 1
We took the family to Feleena's recently. We have been going there a few times a year for some time. The kids preferred it for family outings, the food was OK, service good, patio fun, we can walk there, etc. This time (and the previous time - we are slow learners), the experience was very disappointing.

The food was uninspiring, but the service was terrible. Our waitress was outrageously loud and intrusive. We are a pretty friendly crowd, but we got to hear way more about her life story than we really needed to know. I don't think my teenage son appreciated being continually teased about not being old enough to drink, either. It was all most unprofessional. We won't be back soon.

Thanks to those contributors who pointed out that there has been a change of ownership. I guess we'll head on over to Westboro in the future. Ahora in the market is great for inexpensive tasty food, despite the basement location.

2009 May 27
Ate here with a few friends last week... We started with the guac and chips ($10+tax+tip) which I did not care for. The guac was bland! I can make a much better one at home. Definitely not worth the $15. For a main, I got the vegetarian burrito and wasn't impressed either. I ordered a side of beans and got all black beans which were also inside the burrito so too many black beans. Also the burrito was covered in black bean sauce so it was soaked through and through. Nothing special about this place and I would not recommend it. I haven't tried Agave or Les but Ahora in the market is great and cheap!

2009 May 25
I'll add to other's displeasure with Feleena's. I ate here tonight with 4 friends. Notwithstanding the fact that our waitress got my order wrong, the restaurant was cold, the service spotty, and the food bland. Although I don't know Les, Agave is head and shoulders above this place. I'd also recommend Poncho Villa on Elgin as a fresher alternative.

2009 May 18
I went there today after several years away from Ottawa and the only thing I could think was "wow, this is terrible what happened?"

Now I know why, Agave it is!

2008 Feb 26
Les can now be found at his other place (Agave Grill in Westboro).

2008 Feb 26
No more Les? :( That is not a good thing.

2008 Feb 26
I used to love this place for two reasons - the great patio, and the unbelievable service from the owner Les.

Les is no longer affiliated with Feleena's, and I don't think the patio alone will be enough to pull me in anymore.

The food was always ok - never awe inspiring.

2008 Feb 26
I have to agree with earlier comments about it being just a "meh" experience. Although the Sangria was fairly good, the food was just bland. Not bad, but definitely not what I'd describe as particularly tasty. I'm not sure if it's a matter of freshness, but the food definitely needed more flavour, mor spice. I'm sure the patio would be great, but it's winter, so we didn't have that to redeem the experience.

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2007 Jan 17

As an appetizer, this can be enjoyed at Feleenaís on Bank St. (233-2010). It comes for 2/3/4 people, but perhaps Les would do something special to turn it into a meal for you. I like to get it for sharing and pick up the dinner special as my main course. [Iím an adventuresome diner (and drinker).]

2010 Nov 28
They are time consuming to make and the kitchen makes them occasionally usually mid-week...call to find out availability.