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2012 Jul 26
This place is an filthy bacteria bath! Eat at your own risk! It has an history of failed health inspections from the city of Ottawa. Eat at your own risk!

2012 May 28

My bad, it actually was a tamale. Got the name mixed up.

Thanks for the heads up

At any rate, it was bad.

2012 May 28
lol - Whatever that is in the picture, it is certainly not an authentic tostada. Tostada in Spanish means toasted. In Mexican cooking, tostada is a dish that uses a toasted tortilla (corn of course) And it would never be cooked in a corn husk. That actually looks more like a tamale.

2012 May 28
I went to Feleena’s in the Glebe with a group of friends on Sunday afternoon for beers and Mexican food. My expectations were low, yet two of my friends – one who used to work in the kitchen – and another – who swears that Feleena’s is very ‘authentic’ Senora style - convinced me that the food would be fantastic.

Meh. Bland, boring and uninspired.

I asked the waitress what the ‘most authentic thing on the menu would be’, and she said it was the tostada. A tostada – a la Feleena’s - is basically a conglomeration of corn meal and chicken topped with salsa verde and wrapped in a corn husk. It sounds interesting and I thought that kind of dish may have had potential.

I have never been to Mexico, but I have been to Arizona where I have had really good tex-mex and Mexican food. This is not good “Mexican” food in my opinion, and if my tostada really was authentic, tostadas are bland and merely filling, and not for me. I was waiting for flavour, cumin, cilantro etc etc. but nah, just corn meal with what seemed like ground or shredded chicken. The only flavour was the green sauce, which wasn’t rich so much as it was just spicy. I like spice, but I also like depth of flavour. The corn husk didn’t add anything except for a conversation piece.

The Mexican rice was bland and tasteless; the black beans were from a can and the salad stuff had no dressing. This bland dish was 15.99.

Other comments: Feleena’s only has one debit machine, and it is not wireless. Be expected to wait 15 to 20 minutes in a line up, just to settle your bill. In this day and age that is pretty unacceptable.

We had a great waitress who didn’t charge us for the many bowls of chips and salsa we ordered (menu says they are 2.99), which was nice, but they shouldn’t be charging for that anyway (since in a Mexican restaurant, it is equivalent to bread).

I had a nice beer that I have never had before. It was a Mexican beer that was called Negro Modelo. I would certainly buy a few of these if they ever pop up at the LCBO. Decent, flavourful dark beer.

Ultimately, Feleena’s misses the mark big time. Will not choose to return. I am still looking for stellar Mexican food in Ottawa. I’m going to stick with Ahora for now.

Oh…. I just checked the Ottawa Eatsafe, alluded to be the ‘ghosted’ previous poster, and they have a pretty abysmal sanitation record.

I’d stay away from this place.

2011 Aug 26
city of ottawa restaurant inspections are a Failure at the establishment, What a filthy dump!


2011 Feb 12
Terrible, terrible, terrible.

The food is mediocre at best. I ate there twice. I've worked at an authentic Mexican restaurant before. Feleena's menu is uninspired. Nachos were soggy; the bean dip, flavorless. The waiters and waitresses were completely brain-dead and it wasn't even busy. We waited about 30 minutes for someone to even take our drink order. The food order was another 30, mostly because the waiters/waitresses kept taking other people's orders before ours. When we complained, they said they would give us a 10% discount. The whole thing should have been free, considering it took so long for them to get their act together....

Seriously, the deck might attract you there, but beware! I'm never going back.

2011 Jan 8
Went there tonight. Had the Chile Relleno - which was good. Just the right amount of spice. Dining partner had the Dobladas which he seemed to enjoy. Also, shared a pitcher of Sangria - which I would skip in future as it was not that good. Just second rate red wine. The dessert was fun - if not especially tasty. It was apple fajiatas.

I will return for the tequila. We tried 6 in total and would recommend Don Weber as a good sipping tequila.

The service is a bit weird, but it is best to think of them as your annoying, intrusive parents and to go with the flow. Also, the annoying husband and wife owners can be avoided by dealing with the younger staff.

Overall, it was a fun experience and we will be returning!

2010 Dec 8
The food here is absolutely delicious - there is no other Mexican food like it in Ottawa. The flavours and spices are authentic and mouth-watering, and understandably the restaurant has a loyal following. My only complaint would be the owners, a husband and wife duo, who seem to mean well, but are in fact complete disasters. The husband, our server, was witty and informative, but absent-minded and slow. His wife was loud, intrusive and awkward. Other than simply seating people, we're not sure why she creeps around the restaurant at night (the table beside us said they found her equally bothersome.) Her young son and daughter were very sweet and helpful upon arriving and leaving. To be honest, the food at Feleena's is worth dealing with the owners.

2009 Sep 5
i tried to order the caesar salad at feleena's once. i just wanted something light and was in the mood for caesar. the server warned me against it. i said i really felt like caesar and they were quite insistant. i can't remember what i had instead, but didn't like and we haven't been back, but the patio always looks inviting.

2009 Sep 5
Every summer i get suckered into going to Feleena's because of the great patio, and every year by the end of the summer, I'm swearing to never return. The nachos are pretty good (heavy on the cheese, not the portion size, but the cheese makes it pretty filling... dont order anything but the nachos, they're the safest bet), but the rest of the menu is a disaster. Hoping for some kind of light summery salad we ordered the Caesar... which consisted of a surprising medley of inedible veggies and terrible dressing. Ordering a cocktail was equally as startling to find the Strawberry Daiquiris were not sweet and fruity but bitter and lime-y. The prices are ridiculously high. The service is usually more eccentric than friendly. The atmosphere is nice, and of course the patio is the only draw. If your in the mood for Mexican make the trip to Ahora... or at the very least to the other end of the Glebe to Mexis where the prices are a bit lower.





2007 Jan 17

As an appetizer, this can be enjoyed at Feleena’s on Bank St. (233-2010). It comes for 2/3/4 people, but perhaps Les would do something special to turn it into a meal for you. I like to get it for sharing and pick up the dinner special as my main course. [I’m an adventuresome diner (and drinker).]

2010 Nov 28
They are time consuming to make and the kitchen makes them occasionally usually mid-week...call to find out availability.