Foods from Thali

Mar 2
The pink thing was the dessert. With the little balls (tapioca?) it was fun to eat but the flavour was so mild I couldn't peg what sort of fruit it contained. I love pretty much all Indian desserts I've had but this one was quite forgettable.

P.S. I liked your clock-based pictorial coordinates so much I went back and labeled all the dishes with times. 👍

Mar 2
What’s the pink dish at 3 oclock on the plate?

Mar 1
This was a fun meal! The cost for this generous platter was $22 ($18 + $4 to have a second meat dish). The seating is communal, tight, and bright. Service is friendly and attentive.

Once you order, the food arrives quickly because these are dishes that (mostly) get better as they sit around on a warming plate so all they have to do is slop it out and bring it to you.

The dishes themselves were hit and miss. The mushrooms (7 o'clock) and squash (8 o'clock) were the most flavourful veg dishes. The chick peas (10 o'clock) and cabbagey string hoppers (5 o'clock) didn't taste like much. Our server told us that everything has a spice level of "medium" but most dishes had zero heat and only a few were what I'd call mild-medium.

The salmon (12 o'clock) was quite chewy, swimming in a bright yellow sauce that tasted like the "curry powder" that everyone tells me never to buy. The chicken (11 o'clock) was also overcooked but it was in a seriously delicious sauce that I happily scooped onto my rice.

The highest points for me were the bread: fresh papadum and addictively delicious paratha. Amazing! The raita (4 o'clock), too, was spectacular. I usually skip raita but this one hit a wonderful balance of salty, tangy, and sweet. Joyous!

All in all, it's definitely worth checking out. I think if I go back I'll skip the meat/seafood options completely and go all veg.