Lunch Buffet at India Curry and Kebab House
Lunch Buffet at India Curry and Kebab House
Dosa at India Curry and Kebab House
Dosa at India Curry and Kebab House
Lunch Buffet at India Curry and Kebab House
Lunch Buffet at India Curry and Kebab House
Lunch Buffet at India Curry and Kebab House
Foods from India Curry and Kebab House

2019 Apr 15
Email sent to India Curry and Kebab House:

"Been to India Curry and Kebab House a few years ago and I'm wondering if your Lunch buffets still include the following:

- Dosa ? (loved these)
- Samosa, bhaji, or papadum ?
- Chutneys and pickles ?
- Gulab Jamun ?

Would like to come back and have a similar experience,




"Yes dosa is there samosa no
Gulam jamun may be
But if we don’t have that in buffet you can always ask for it we will provide u with the items
Sachin "



2019 Apr 15
Does the chicken have all the flavour of eighty-five? one is going to get that joke but i felt obliged to make it anyways...

2019 Apr 14
I have eaten here a few times and the food is really good. Lots of dishes I have never heard of but all of them very good. Chicken 85 and vindaloos were standouts. The naan is the best I have had in Ottawa.

2018 Sep 8
The Lunch Buffet ($16) is tasty and satisfying but I think my honeymoon phase is fading with this place. On our most recent visit they had no dosa, which made me sad. The dosa here were made to order and spectacular, allowing me to ignore the shortcomings:

* No samosa, bhaji, or papadum (all ubiquitous at other buffets).
* The veg dishes fluctuate wildly — there is no guarantee of having one of the excellent chickpea, lentil, or eggplant dishes. The meat is always tandoori chicken (excellent), butter chicken (okay), and one other. Yesterday it was goat curry; usually it is beef.
* No chutneys.
* No gulab jamun. There's just one dessert and it's always a pudding.

Aside from the 3 veg and 3 meat dishes, there is always sambar and rice on offer. There's an uninteresting salad bar with pasta salad, pickled onions, raita, and a few other things.

Naan is freshly made and served just after you sit down. It's good but lacks the wonderful soft texture of the one at Amaya Express in the nearby Rideau Centre food court.

The dining room was practically empty on our last visit (Friday lunchtime). The nondescript matte painted black door makes it look like a nightclub. Some pretty minor changes could improve business I'm sure.

2017 Dec 15
The food is consistently quite good here—especially the vegetarian items. Today I tried the made-to-order Dosa and was absolutely thrilled. Beautifully thin and addictively crispy!

2017 Oct 29
Thumbs up again from our second visit here. After we'd already filled our plates we noticed that they also offer made-to-order dosas with their lunch buffet. Something for next time!

There aren't a ton of choices but everything is very good. The chickpea dish was my absolute favourite this time... so excellent. Contrasting with my first visit, dessert was rice pudding rather than gulab jamun. Yum!

2017 May 13
Enjoyed the buffet lunch here last Wednesday! The cost is $15 and it comes with a small portion of delicious buttered naan (the pictured basket was for four of us). The food quality was excellent with about half of the options being meatless.

There was even gulab jamun for dessert. The only unusual omission I noticed was a lack of crunchy appetizer foods like samosas, pakoras, and papadums.

Will definitely be back!

2018 Jun 2
A more delightful photo of the made-to-order Masala Dosa offered at the daily lunch buffet. So good!

2018 Apr 6
So tasty and wonderfully crispy! Getting the dosa at the lunch buffet (now $16+tax) is an absolute must.