Chocolate Mousse Cake at Elgin Street Freehouse
Pork Chops at Elgin Street Freehouse
Foods from Elgin Street Freehouse

2009 Jun 11
I don't understand how this restaurant can get away with charging the prices it does. I went here once awhile ago and decided the food wasn't worth the price but went back recently when I received a gift card for the restaurant. I had the caesar salad and French onion soup. The salad was pretty good, except the croutons tasted stale and were too hard. The soup was almost inedible. It had way too much cheese (and I'm a BIG cheese eater) and super refined bread that had turned to sticky goo in the soup. It had a weird flavour, although maybe I just didn't like the particular herb they had used, and there was onion skin in the soup that I had to elegantly pull out of my mouth! My husband ordered some smoked salmon wonton appetizer and the chicken supreme main. His food wasn't bad, but not as good as you'd expect for the price.

Our cocktails were pretty good, as was the service.

2008 Dec 11
I went to the Freehouse this evening and had a stuffed phyllo appetizer and a Caesar salad. The phyllo was good, the salad not bad at all- the bacon wasn't dried so that's a good sign. It's more a lounge than pub which is a nice change from most of the places along Elgin. The servers seemed to be overworked but otherwise were pleasant.

Maybe the ownership keeps changing because the place doesn't turn enough of a profit? My friend commented that they changed their happy hour food special hours 5-7 to 4-6, and from 50% to 30% off.

I would go back for drinks/appetizers. The food is decent, good drink menu and a nice change in atmosphere from the standard Ottawa pub, but the food isn't delicious enough for me to spend what they charge for mains (most hovering around $30).

2007 Aug 2
The ownership and chef have changed a few times (along with the decor) in the past several years. The menu hasn't changed for the past few months and I am hearing more and more solid reviews from people who have dined there. Any recent reviews?

Our last experience was memorable, live music and a great brunch (Manx was full). The food was executed with skill, presented nicely...all in all it was what you would expect from an Elgin St. establishment (if not a bit better).

News on who the new chef is? Recent reviews?

2007 Feb 4
Nope, Hooley's is where Bravo Bravo used to be. The Freehouse is a couple of doors down from there.

2007 Feb 2
Is this the location that used to house Bravo Bravo?

If yes, then I agree. Worst restaurant I've been to in the city (food and service included).

2007 Feb 1
Visited when it first opened. It was one of the worst dining experiences I have ever had. Meal was awlful, everytime I went to order something they were out.. in the end I made better food for my self in college. I have not returned.

2008 Feb 1
Here's a very tasty pork chop entree that my boyfriend got at the Elgin St. Freehouse. It was served with a blue cheese sauce and yummy mashed potatoes.

2008 Feb 1
This chocolate mousse cake from the Elgin Street Freehouse was so good. The presentation is especially gorgeous.