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2009 Sep 21
I agree with you Shag. The service there was atrocious. I am quite happy to see the end of this establishment. While their food was okay most of the time, the prices were very high, even for their location, and the service was among the worst in the city. Management was rude and, at times, downright abusive.

Good riddance.

2009 Aug 17
Their website states that "We have a great new concept opening in the Fall".

Further investigation shows that E&C was bought a few years ago by an investment group that has since (June 2009) purchased Picadilly Pubs, a brand in Massachusets. The press release from the purchase states: "We believe that we have found both in the Piccadilly Pubs transaction and look forward to growing the brand both inside and outside New England."

The contact info on the E&C website points to the company that manages both E&C and Picadilly.

If I were a betting gal...

2009 Aug 17
That's unfortunate. I didn't know EC had such a bad rep.

I've eaten here on countless occasions and apart from one specific time, the experience was overall fine. At times the service blew but I was usually pleased with my food. I particularly enjoyed the Sonoma chicken wrap for lunch.

I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles in the resto biz.

The location is great so certainly promising for what/whoever is coming next.

2009 Aug 17
That's a cause for celebration! Maybe they can replace it with a more deserving restaurant. They benefitted from a great location but yet they treated their customers like 'shite'. Just speaking from many experiences.

2009 Aug 17
The Elephant and Castle is definitely closed for good:

2009 Aug 17
Walked by last night and had to do a double take (isn't this where the elephant and castle is?) the area was boarded up, and on futher inspection from the windows on sussex drive, there was drywall inside.

Unsure if it's renovations or full on closure.

2009 Aug 8
Should be avoided at all cost. While I've only been for drinks, this so call 'pub' offers far from the normal warm and comfortable atmosphere of a proper pub. The service was rude and unreliable and the beer menu is disappointing.

The market is crawling with great places, this is definitively not one of them.

2009 Jun 15
OK, although I haven't eaten here in a while (because I won't waste my time), I would just like to give my two cents about this place.

I absolutely hate the service here. I went three times, and two out of three times I ended up walking out because the waitress took too long to serve us. Also, I didn't enjoy the snooty attitude of the hostesses.

The one time I actually ate there I had the platter and the chicken skewers were awesome - but honestly, what restaurant DOESN'T serve chicken skewers nowadays. Definitely not a reason for me to go back. Trust me, there is nothing extraordinary about this menu. If you are looking for a pub, go to the byward market. Or go a step further and go to the buzz restaurant or savana cafe where they have great interesting food WITH great service.

Experiencing poor service at a restaurant is exactly why I participate in this foodie forum - to prevent others from having to go through the same bullcrap. Businesses that appreciate and value their customers should be rewarded with increased clientele and profits - not places like this.

But - remember...THIS IS AN OPINION PEOPLE. Take it or leave it but it is based on several of my own personal experiences.

2009 Jun 14
i have been there 2 times. The first time was great. 2nd time not so much. food was alright...a little cold.. the waiter brought me my drink...which had a hair in he replaced it with another one...which also had a hair in it. I wasnt too impressed and totally turned me off.

2008 Nov 5
I've eaten here twice for lunch in about a 6 week time frame and have been impressed with the menu and the food both times.

It's not always easy to get good pub food and a menu that goes beyond the usual fries and nachos, but E & C has lots to choose from - including British-style pub selections and more interesting variations on the usual choices we find in Ottawa pubs.

Yesterday I had the blue cheese bacon burger with pub fries. I polished off every last one of the fries (not my usual m.o.) and ate most of the burger, but it was too much beef for me so I ran out of appetite before I could finish. The whole meal was very good and above the usual standard for pub burgers.

My eating companion had a veggie burger with the sweet potato fries - these fries were fabulous! They came with some kind of reddish mayonnaise and were absolutely smashing dipped!