Dandan Noodle at La Noodle
Handmade Noodles at La Noodle
Handmade Noodles at La Noodle
Handmade Noodles at La Noodle
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Mar 20
I ate at their Kanata location (it is where Thai Fusion used to be). It was my first time trying it and I really enjoyed the spicy pork with hand pulled noodles. They offer a selection of thick or thin noodles and many ingredient options. The server gave me some great advice. I will be back.

Mar 20
Has anyone tried the Kanata location? This sounds awesome but I don't get downtown often.

Mar 16
Every time I walk by, even in the dead of winter, the odours from La Noodle are so amazing from outside!
After reading these reviews I'll be stopping in often!

Jan 7
Stopped into La Noodle for lunch in November 2016. The place was busy, with a line-up. Given the Chinese origins, and management, we were able to share a table with another willing patron. The soup was hot and steamy, if not the most flavourful, and the noodle quality was good. You do not hit noodle nirvana here, but you still get something different, and satisfying, especially on a cold day. Overall, this place reminds me of the random noodle shops one can find in China (including Mandarin speaking staff), and is a welcome addition to the Ottawa food scene.

Nov 12
I saw the restaurant on a visit to LCBO last weekend and made it there during the week after a meeting near there.

I had an early dinner but it was close to 9pm so was a tad peckish. Look over the menu and wanted something not heavy so opted for the traditional beef noodle and a medium wide noodle.

Tasty broth but I think I preferred braised beef than this thinly sliced beef. A medium was $10+HST and the portion was good and was a nice meal but would choose braised beef or maybe lamb next time.

They are cash only and if it is a young girl behind the cash, do check your change. For a $11.30 bill and $20 cash, I only got a handful of quarters. They ran out of loonies and toonies and I was okay with quarters as part of the change but apparently the girl cannot do math since she missed the $5 bill.

When I mentioned it to the server and he brought it back to the cashier, she brought out the calculator to try to figure things out. uhmm if you cannot do maths easily, maybe cashier is not the best job fit.. The server apologized several times when I was given the missing $5 while the girl still looked puzzled at the calculator :(

Nov 11
We stopped in today for lunch. The soup is really good. I had the beef and pickled cabbage with an egg thrown in while my spouse had the assorted mushrooms and vegetables. I opted for the thick noodle and the other half went with the thin noodle. I really liked the texture of the noodles and it is rather neat seeing the guy at the back stretching out the noodles. We will definitely go back when we have the chance. Do note that only cash is currently accepted.

Nov 6
It used to be a coffee place before...


Mar 18
These hearty hand-pulled noodles in a wonderful peanut-chili-pork sauce were spectacular! The wheat noodles here are the best in town -- toothsome and satisfying. The spice level of this dish was perfect for me and there is chili in oil at the table for those who prefer even more heat. 👌

Feb 11
The large handmade noodles in soup with beef and pickled cabbage made for a wonderfully chewy and savoury lunch on a bitterly cold day!

I chose the second widest noodle (out of seven!) and found them a little tricky to pick up but a real treat once I was able to manoeuvre them into my oral cavity.

So awesome!

Nov 12
Noodles ready for their bath..

Nov 12
It is fun watching the guy hand stretch the noodles and he is really fast. Had trouble getting a decent action shot..

Oct 21
I like the savory, sour, spicy flavor of the soup. The noodles are handmade and you can see the guy spinning and stretching them. It's hard work.

You have options for various thicknesses of noodles.

They just opened and were cash only when I went, and I'm not sure the girl added my bill correctly, but my total was under $20 with tip for a large soup.

Different than Pho. More savory and intense flavors.

New food options for Ottawa.