Foods from The Garlic King

2015 Aug 19
Stopped in last Friday at the garlic king. This is my favourite place for shawarma because they offer spicy chicken and are always friendly and generous with the servings and toppings. You can also have a glass of wine or beer. Fresh and delicious. Large selection of side salads to choose from. Really like this place.

2009 Dec 23
I have to echo Vorpal in terms of the service - I've been given different pricing on my meals on the basis of what I assume is the order taker's opinion of my appearance and reaction to their jokes.

The food is definitely yummy though! Great dolmas and really good veggie options!

2009 Dec 23
While this is probably my favourite shawarma in Ottawa, the male employees are so annoying that I have to think whether or not I have the patience to tolerate the terrible jokes and silliness that goes on behind the counter before deciding to go or not.

2009 Sep 3
This place is awesome. They offer lots of good vegetarian options. Their dolmas are my favourite in Ottawa, and their falafel is nice and crispy unlike a lot of the microwaved falafels you find at other places.
They have lots of options for salads if you are ordering a platter; hummus (regular or spicy), pasta salad, chick pea salad, kidney bean salad, some kind of brown bean salad, fatoush, tabouli or potatoes. They're all delicious!
I agree the 'Garlic King' is super annoying though, if I'm feeling grumpy I'll avoid this place altogether because he would push me over the edge.

2008 Mar 23
What is it about the shawarmas at this place? They're delicious and in a whole other league from any of the shawarmas you can get on Bank Street. I think it's because the chicken is actually moist. That and the sauces are terrific. The shawarma platter comes with hummous, pita and tabouleh (if I remember correctly) and it's a really tasty, hearty meal on a budget.

If you're lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the Garlic King or his incredible garlic-mobile parked outside!

2006 Sep 25
The first time I had the beef donair with a side of fries. I really liked it and yes it is VERY garlic-y.
I suggest you say yes to all sauces offered, especially the tahini sauce for the fries.

The second time I had the chicken shawarma with hummus and fatoush sides. I didn't like the fatoush, the dressing was overpowering.

The food is good and the prices are reasonable. The only complaints about the place are:

-The guy who took my order (both times) is so annoying I wanted to shove a dirty sock in his mouth.
-The menu on the wall is not very detailed so you need to ask alot of questions if you've never been there before which means you have to talk with the annoying guy alot.