All-You-Can-Eat Fish and Chips at Joey's Urban
Fish and Chips at Joey's Urban
Poutine at Joey's Urban
Fish and Chips at Joey's Urban
Fish and Chips at Joey's Urban
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2016 May 19
You can upgrade your fries to a salad (Greek or Caesar) for a small surcharge... and if you ask really nicely, they might do half-and-half for you! 😊

2016 Feb 7
I've been enjoying the 2-piece lunch special regularly here! Be sure to Like them on facebook and get your loyalty card for free food after 8 meals purchased.

Soon I'll take a break from the fish and chips to try one of their poutines and get back to you all on that. One day...

2015 Jul 9
Lunch special $11, 2-piece fish and chips with refillable fountain drink. My pet peeve is overcooked fried fish... something this was NOT. Truly perfect fillets of succulent pollock, incredibly crispy (if slightly overseasoned) batter contrasting with the delicate juicy flakes of fish within. Nice one!

The tartar sauce, ketchup, vinegars, hot sauces, and salt are all self-serve. Thumbs up!

2015 Jul 9
They have a few lunch specials for $11, one of which is any two tacos with fries and a refillable fountain drink. I opted for the Joey's Fish Taco and the Vietnamese Taco.

Both were overwhelmed by cabbage, but other than that they were pretty good. The fries were plentiful and tasty. Not a bad choice if you want a quick lunch.

The staff here are friendly in that "I'm cheerful because I like my job" way. Kind of like at Starbucks.

Thursday is AYCE tacos day.

2016 Dec 14
They have eliminated their Tuesday AYCE fish and chips deal, replacing it with a superior option!

"$2 Tuesdays" offers the three staple components of a fish and chip meal for $2 each: fish, chips, bottomless soft drink. This offer is available all day on Tuesdays.

I think the AYCE option was $14. With the new approach, you could get 6 pieces of fish and an order of chips for that price -- much more than most people are able to eat.

This lunch plate of 3 fish and 1 chip was $8 + tax. Superb! Nothing makes me happier than when the price is almost as wonderful to swallow as the food. :-)

2015 Jul 9
Tuesday is AYCE fish and chips day.

2016 Feb 19
They have a number of specialty poutines on the regular menu, as well as a special limited time option. The special (until the end of February I was told) is the Stroganoff Poutine. A base of regular poutine is topped with tender strands of slow cooked beef, a rich dark gravy, and sour cream. Yum!

The Large (around $11) was most satisfying as a meal. Monkey not included.