Pad Thai at Pong's Poutine
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Pong's Poutine
Poutine at Pong's Poutine
Poutine at Pong's Poutine
Poutine at Pong's Poutine
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Poutine at Pong's Poutine
Pong's Poutine
Poutine at Pong's Poutine
Poutine at Pong's Poutine
Pad Thai at Pong's Poutine
Poutine at Pong's Poutine
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Poutine at Pong's Poutine
Poutine at Pong's Poutine
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General Tso's Chicken at Pong's Poutine
Poutine at Pong's Poutine
Poutine at Pong's Poutine
Foods from Pong's Poutine

2016 Sep 2
sourdough, I had the Pulled Pork and Kimchi Poutine earlier this week too! I think the kimchi is better than it used to be.

As I'm not personally a fan of slow-cooker style pulled pork, it's hard for me to love this dish but hey it's poutine! The (lamentably unphotogenic) chili poutine is the most delicious special poutine they make. :)

2016 Sep 2
Pulled pork with kimchi poutine. I'm pretty sure this is the best poutine combo I've ever had.

2015 Jul 28
The Chicken Chow Mein with egg roll and drink ($9) was tasty and loaded up with veggies and yummy bits of chicken. I was told I should save some for dinner but I ate the whole thing! :O

Poutine 3


2016 May 19
Crispy Chicken and Bacon Poutine (plus sriracha). In case you needed a reminder that they're open for the 2016 season! :-)

2015 Oct 18
General Tso's Poutine at the poutine fest. This was a delicious mess. The chicken was remarkably crunchy despite its bath of sauces and the curd to fry ratio was particularly impressive. Great deal for $8, hope to try more from them.

2015 Oct 9
Crispy chicken and bacon poutine with Sriracha from a couple weeks ago. Love to see them so busy here towards the end of the season!

2015 Aug 11
This week they have the Porky's Revenge poutine, with sausage, hot dog, and bacon topping. Epic and delicious!

2015 Jul 21
This week's special, the Breakfast Poutine with egg done to order, smokey bacon, and sausage patty. Very tasty!

2015 Jul 10
Came here after drooling over all the other pics and reviews, so time to share my own.

Ordered the regular poutine, and it was good stuff-- enjoyed the different take on fries, which were thinner and crispier (aka sog-resistant) than the usual standard chip truck fare. Super generous with the curds, too. If I had one complaint, it's that the curds were still pretty cold and didn't melt in all that smoothly along the top. In the middle, though, it was glorious.

If this truck was closer to me, I'd probably make it my regular spot, but alas.

2015 May 7
FF's pics of Pong's offerings are so enticing, I just had to try.

Chili poutine.

Not too shabby. Lots of toppings. The fries seemed to be between shoestring and regular size. Unique.

Massive portion had me on the couch for an afternoon nap.

2014 Nov 19
Hungry Pete, I did eat all these poutines... albeit on separate occasions. They have a different specialty poutine each week.

Last week's was a Chili poutine. The chili was one of the best I've ever had -- lots of meat, a few beans, excellent spice. But I didn't take a photo because it looked like a pile of gloop.

2014 Nov 5
You did eat all those yourself didn't you?

2014 Nov 5
I'd just like to thank you, Fresh Foodie, for rendering my nice healthy salad for lunch utterly worthless with your poutinography.


2018 Apr 25
Spring really isn't here for me until my first stop at Pong's.

Compared to my review of 2015 (see:, the green onions are now sprinkled on top and a lime wedge is added.

The still substantial portion comes with a springroll (with nước chấm) and a drink for ten bucks + tax. Only up a buck in the last three years.

This Pad Thai has now surpassed the Bite This version as my absolute fav in Ottawa.

2015 May 14
Back today for the Chicken Pad Thai, Spring Roll + Drink ($9) special.

Second best roadside Pad Thai in the city (so far). First is the Bite This version. See

Nice portion size ! Quite filling without the need for a couch.

Don't for get to ask for the Sriracha sauce to amp up the heat.

2015 May 6
The special on Monday was a chili dog with cheese with fries and a drink for $8. This was exceptional! Tasty, meaty chili, a good quality large wiener, and the best bun I've ever seen at a hot dog or chip stand. Seriously... it was fresh, lightly crusty, and almost pastry-like.

2014 Oct 18
That "egg roll" would be the work of Mali - ie Mali's Egg Rolls, of carp farmers market fame. Her son is one running Pong's.

2014 Oct 15
The lunch special today was General Tso's Chicken with Fried Rice, Egg Roll, and Drink for $8.50. With a slightly spicy and not too sweet sauce, this was one of the nicer General Tso's chickens I've encountered. The mama told me proudly that she uses taro and carrot instead of cabbage and bean sprouts in her egg rolls. This makes for a more satisfying and less greasy roll.

When I asked her why she calls it an egg roll instead of a spring roll, she replied, "Well it is a spring roll, but I can call it whatever I want because I make it. If you don't like the name then you can cook your own food." :D

This is quickly becoming my favourite lunch spot.

2015 Oct 9
A large pile of excellent rings arrive piping hot and delicious. I think they were $4 and they made for a satisfying lunch!