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Du Barry Chinese Buffet
Du Barry Chinese Buffet
Foods from Du Barry Chinese Buffet

2009 Apr 12
Buffet= Lots of bagged processed food that has been frozen and heated up. Welcome to Ottawa restaurants where an actual fresh cooked meal is hard to find.

2009 Apr 12
After years of walking past the front doors of this infamous restaurant, I finally entered the buffet supreme of Vanier which, by the way, is now called the Empire Buffet.

My girlfriend and I, both being vegetarian, were relatively self-assured that there should be numerous options available to us for what amounts to $20 a head.

Sadly, the experience was dismal. My girlfriend pointed out that I kept using the word "wretched" to describe the food.

Not only were the number of options available to us extremely limited, but what was there was barely edible:

The vegetable fried rice tasted as though it had been reheated for the third time!

The vegetarian spring rolls were also a likely candidate for reheated, previously frozen fare. They had a strange after-taste that only seemed possible from chewing aluminum foil.

Oh, and when you are planning to serve such an enormous buffet across a massive grid of heat troughs, here's a thought try actually using heat! Our uncles joined us and informed us that every meat dish they ate was as lukewarm, or just plain cold, as the food we were eating.

By the time we returned home, the acrid smell of all the over-cooked food had so permeated us that we felt the sudden urge for a shower.

All-in-all, not one of the better dining experiences I have had in Ottawa. Now, I don't want to be a hypocrite. I realize I just posted a comment regarding second chances (Pancho Villa), but I really can't see myself rushing back to this establishment. Perhaps, if I see enough subsequent positive reviews, I may be inclined to return, tentatively.

2009 Apr 6
Better than most Chinese buffets. Good price for $13.99 at dinner.

There is a big selection of Chinese food, as well as other places. There was spaghetti, numerous soups, rice, lasagna, chicken wings, roast beef, ham, sushi, shrimp cocktail and more.

I got mussels, chicken skewers, chicken wings, hot n sour soup, FROGS LEGS, sushi and other things. They were ok, since it was a Chinese buffet-- quantity over quality. The sushi was kind of gross, I do not recommend that.

They offer a mongolian grill, too. Plus a salad bar.

They have a wide variety of desserts, but highly generic cakes that have probably been sitting there forever... I had the ice cream and they had green tea! Very happy.

The servers always filled our water and we left satisfied.

2006 Dec 25
We went to Christmas Eve dinner party at our friend's place. She ordered many dishes from Du Barry Chinese Buffet: Stir-fried Sticky Rice (this dish has peanut, watch out if you are allergic to peanut), Singapore Style Vermicelli, Spring Rolls, Soy Sauce Chicken and deep-fried Chicken Wings; and also two dishes from Fortune Express (deep-fried tofu and Szechuan Style Sesame Beef). She cooked two vegetable plates herself (baby Bok Choy and broccoli).

Du Barry has two famous dishes: Stir-fried sticky rice, and Char Siu (BBQ pork). My friend didn't know that Du Barry's BBQ pork is famous and didn't order it. So, I just mention it here (I haven't tried it myself).

Next time you want to host a party, you can try the similar dishes that my friend ordered. But I would recommend that you add assorted sushi platter (from your favourite Japanese restaurant) to the table.

Note: Here is the recipe for stir-fried sticky rice from Egullet

2006 Dec 22
Lots of variety when compared to other Chinese buffet restaurants. However, I found the place very dirty and hestitate to try their food again. Once is enough for me.


2010 Jul 31
Attended Du Barry many times over the years at its Vanier location and the one in Gatineau. I prefer Vanier because it seems they have more variety in terms of dim sum/dumplings and the like. This is really the main reason I attend Du Barry for its buffet. Other chinese buffets simply do not have the pot stickers/dumplings they do, also the selection of sushi is decent.

-Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa