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2019 Aug 3
Google led me here earlier this summer when we were looking for a quick and dirty burger before a concert and we were pleasantly surprised by the high quality of these halal burgers: juicy, flavourful 5oz patties, quality bun, and a wide range of condiments and garnishes as well as vegetarian and gluten free options. Onion rings and fries were more than okay, and a shoutout to their dipping sauces though truthfully return visits have focused exclusively on the Original burger.

Not exactly fast food given the 10-15 minute wait (on a slower evening) but well worth it for a made-from-scratch burger.

2017 Sep 3
My first visit ever was at the Dalhousie location. The service counter is friendly and efficient. As others have noted, the fries are excellent and the burgers are good but relatively expensive for what they are.

My burger was “The American” — one of the simpler options available. The generous amount of caramelized onions and pickle slices completely overwhelmed the good quality but smallish meat patty. This burger was about $8.

I paid the $4.50 extra to make my burger a combo. This turned out to be a worthwhile choice as the pile of excellent fries was huge and the pop was one of those self-serve machines that enable one to accompany one's meal with a Coke Zero with lime and then dispense a Coke Zero with vanilla to go for dessert.

The fries come with a choice of dipping sauce. I went with the Togarashi Mayo; this was delicious but proved too rich for my fry dipping tastes so I switched over to vinegar and ketchup part way through.

I'll be trying one of the loaded fry or poutine dishes next time for sure!

2015 Dec 20
Came here yesterday as promised with my 3 boys - 5,12 and 13. The middle boy normally does not like french fries but was wolfing them down here and exclaiming how surprised he was that he likes them. The two youngest had the regular burgers, the oldest had the Meixcan, and I had the Southern BBQ or something like that.

Burgers were stupendous - on par with other high-end burgers like Hintonburger and 5 Guys. Prices were reasonable. Service was fantastic - courteous and quick.

Will definitely go back.

2015 Dec 20
What bothers me about BFF is their Social Justice Warrior social media presence and constantly begging for positive reviews. I think it's a valid complaint and I don't want to pay obscene prices for Halal meat and beef bacon when it doesn't matter to me. Been there twice and will never go back, overpriced, tiny burger and horrible service, but let me know if your experience is better.

2015 Dec 19
Haters gonna hate. Can't believe this is happening in our Ottawa, but kudos to the owners for taking the high road! I'd never actually heard of the place but after hearing about the haters I now want to go pay the restaurant a visit to show my support.


2015 Feb 5
Stopped by tonight as I was heading down Bank.

Had the falafel burger and regular fry. Really great burger and solid fries. Zero complaints about the food.
The staff said ten minutes and it was there in five.

Will absolutely be back again.

2014 Dec 5
That's too bad about BFF. The Works burgers are in fact HUGE and pretty decent but the Manhattans burgers are hands down the best. They set a pretty high standard as far as I'm concerned and I'm lucky enough to work near three of their locations-;)

2014 Dec 5
Had my work Xmas party last night.... yadda yadda yadda, I was in the mood for Burger & Fries for lunch today. Decided to give BFF another shot.

Ordered the Mexican with Fries.

"That'll be $13.XX and ten minutes" they say.

10 Minutes? this had better be a nice patty!

Burger was brought over to my table (this was nice little touch)... First impressions;

Bun was nice.
Fries Crispy and salted.

I picked up the burger, man it was light! I mean it didnt weigh much at all. Not that I was expecting a Works size patty, but I mean this thing wasn't much bigger than a Junior Bacon Cheesburger from Wendys!

No cheese, No Tomato, weak sauce count, small patty.

Fries were good tho! But shouldnt the burger be the standout??

I don't mean to sound like a shill here, BUT;

I usually head to Manhattans on Laurier on fridays as I meet a friend for lunch (Now called O-Town I think, but will always be Manhattans in my heart <3)

They put anything you want on the burger. Their pattys are never frozen. They dont take 10 minutes to cook.

Its a shame that marketing and bright colours help to sell these sub-par BFF burgers to the uninformed passers by.

Go to Manhattans, (Or O-Town)
Get the chipotle Burger
Cover patty with jalapenos, Bacon, onion ring & Chipotle sauce (also known as crack sauce)
Melt Cheese over top
Get extra crack sauce on the side to dip fries.
Enjoy for less than $13 with drink, and leave EXTREMELY satisfied. (and probably left over fries to take home)

Or just go to Daniel O'Connels next door to BFF and get the burger/fry plate for $6.99.

Unsatisfied. Won't return. Will continue to send others to Manhattans.

2013 Nov 25
Finally had the opportunity to make my way into BFF with a few other friends on Saturday evening. Place wasn't too busy, and we were lucky enough to grab ourselves a table.

Ordered the Melt (8.50), made it a combo (+3), upgraded to sweet potato fries (+1) and a chocolate shake (+2). All in, almost $17 dollars.

Now, let me add that I'm fine for paying that kind of money for a good burger, having lived in Toronto and enjoying the likes of Burgers Priest and Holy Chuck. Sadly, this burger IMHO does not live up to the price they are charging. I felt the patty was underseasoned, and overwhelmed by bun. Sweet potato fries were, once again, underwhelming ... not quite crisp, not quite limp, and no real seasoning.

Was it a *bad* burger? No, not by any stretch. But I definitely didn't feel that it was good value for what I paid. Would I give them another chance? Probably, but it will probably be awhile before I consider giving them another visit.

2013 Sep 4
You know that feeling when you have a strong hankerin' for a burger?
Well maybe that wasn't me today.

I was strolling down Bank street looking for a convenient lunch... I could SMELL the burgers from a block away. "Good Stuff" I though - except I was wrong. I dunno if they need stronger hood fans in there or what, but it brought me back to when I was 16 and working in the kitchen in McDonalds. The smell was rather strong (if you are going back to work and will be amongst co-workers, I would suggest not dining in unless you want go back smelling like you rolled around on a grill)

I DO have to admit that I did not order a burger. I looked up at the board - $10 for a burger. JUST the burger.

Sure, The Works can get away with charging high prices - they were the first Niche burger joint in town, they have waiters/waitresses, a liquor license and they have bacon! But for a walk up burger bar that smells like a fast food joint? Too expensive in my mind.

I hope they can find the right customer base that will frequent regularly, keep them open, and help them thrive.


Next time I have a hankering, I will propbably head a few blocks over to Manhattans and get Burger, fries & drink for $11 all in. And I will also have a nice place to sit without smelling like my old McDonalds Uniform :)

Poutine 6


2018 Mar 25
I had that same poutine at the beginning of February when it was the poutine week special. I found the chicken to be completely un-spicy to the point of being bland. The fried part fell right off the meat, and the lack of spice coupled with the white gravy made for a filling but unsatisfying meal. It's designed to be a good combination but they really need to figure out what real hot chicken tastes like before releasing it to the public. Although, perhaps the title "Not Hot Poutine" makes more sense now? (It makes no sense)

2018 Mar 24
The Nashville's Not Hot Poutine ($12) at the Dalhousie location was over the top! It's much like the Spicy Bird I had last time, except the fried chicken is spicy, there's no samurai mayo, and they use a white gravy instead of the traditional brown kind. This is the special of the month for March only so don't expect to see it again for a while.

The chicken and fries were excellent as always but I found the white gravy was too rich for a poutine. I expected there to be some brown gravy in there too but there was none. It made an excellent lunch nonetheless but I'll go back to the Spicy Bird as my go-to poutine there.

2018 Feb 11
The Spicy Bird (around $12) is described as Handcut fries, crispy fried chicken, pickles, samurai mayo, St. Albert's cheese curds, and veggie gravy.

Amazing! Certainly one of the better specialty poutines I've ever had. The chicken is juicy white meat, in generous quantity, and with a nice crunchy coating. The spicy mayo has a nice kick to it and the pickles go really well with the whole thing. I had the Regular size and was absolutely stuffed. The Large ($18) would be a feast for two.