In addition to serving awesome espresso drinks, they have some baked treats and also panini sandwiches.

Macaroons at The Ministry of Coffee
Cappuccino at The Ministry of Coffee
Foods from The Ministry of Coffee

2014 Mar 10
I love love love love love this place. I really can't say enough good things about it.

This is actually the only place in Ottawa where I can have coffee/espresso drinks without feeling the need to put sugar or other sweeteners in. They use high-quality beans and it really shows - the drinks are delicious by themselves without needing any "extras."

IMO the "fancy" flavoured drinks can go either way. I didn't like the gingerbread latte or the pumpkin spice latte (it tasted like old potpourri smells... sorry, guys) which have been retired from the menu, but I'm a big fan of the vanilla latte and the Nutella latte - and I don't even like actual Nutella!

I liked all the pastries and sandwiches I've had, although it's just occurred to me I've never had any soup and I need to remedy that ASAP!

Long story short: I'm really happy this cafe opened so close to my place

2014 Feb 18
Went for a quick late lunch with dd and her dh and had the tomato soup with grilled cheese croutons - it was a treat and the pieces of grilled cheese sammy resting atop the soup were fun to try and eat (with as much grace as I could muster). I had a really tasty Kiwi flat white that was very well done. Yum! Would have loved to have tried the homemade Jos Louis but too much talk and had to leave in a rush. Next time!

2013 Nov 5
Finally! A good coffee place downtown! I've been looking for a good espresso in Ottawa and have been hard-pressed to find one, until I discovered these guys. They have 49th parallel coffee, Phil and Sebastien coffee, and Pig Iron coffee, and they certainly use these quality beans to their full advantage. Nice chill atmosphere. I highly recommend it.

2013 Jun 25
I am hoping my awesome cappuccino yesterday is not a fluke. It was made by one of the co-owners, Alex. He seemed very knowledgeable. As is his co-owner, Fadi, who was part of the launch of Illume Espresso Bar on Wellington.

I find that a great shot can be more about the barista than the bean.

They offer an 8 ounce cappuccino - my favourite size. It was $3.50. A typical price. And well worth it when it is a great capp.

I also had a coconut macaroon. Made in-house. Really liked it too. It was sizable (big meatball sizable) and cost $2.00. It liked that it wasn't super sweet.

They have been bringing in other products, like doughnuts from Suzy Q and also gluten-free choices from Auntie Loo's Treat, to augment their in-house baked selections.

Also paninis are available for the lunch hole in your belly.

I love Bridgehead and applaud their 15 coffeehouse success but I want to have other choices for a great espresso drink in town.

They have been open now just a little over two weeks. I hope it works well for them and that they can keep up the quality when others get involved in providing service at the counter.

I wrote a post about my visit that includes a few pictures.

Coffee 4


Latte 1



2014 Feb 7
This place does coffee right! They list the sizes of each of their espresso-based beverages and all the numbers make sense in my world. Their cappuccino is by default the microfoamed kind (wet foam) pictured in the foreground of my photo here. You can specify "dry foam" if you prefer the fluffier Smurf-hat capp.

My wife's latte (yes it's bigger, just farther away in the pic) was well executed too.

In my books, this is Ottawa's best place for espresso beverages. Other shops could learn a thing or two from these guys.


2014 Mar 11
Wifey brought me a chili lime coconut macaroon today. Wow! So moist and coconutty, with a trace of lime and a slug of chili to keep it interesting. This is pretty special.

They are made by Get Your Sweet Fix (