Chewy coconut cookies.

Macaroons at Get Your Sweet Fix
Macaroons at The Ministry of Coffee
Macaroons at Al-Kalaa Mini Market
Where to get Macaroons


2009 Apr 19
Not the 'French' kind ...but the good 'ol coconut kind with a meringue base.

Totally yummy ... totally addictive.

A buck a crack for a big one ... enough to share with a loved one.


2014 Mar 11
Wifey brought me a chili lime coconut macaroon today. Wow! So moist and coconutty, with a trace of lime and a slug of chili to keep it interesting. This is pretty special.

They are made by Get Your Sweet Fix (


2014 Mar 15
Visited the Get Your Sweet Fix booth at Urban Craft today and they were selling the same Coconut Lime Chili Macaroons I had enjoyed from The Ministry of Coffee, only in a smaller form factor.

I tore one in half so you can see its succulent interior. So good! Chewy, moist, sweet with a little salt and a hit of spice. These are the ultimate snack food for coconut lovers.