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A sandwich shop where they sell sandwiches made with " Slow, roasted beef and Smoked goods". They also have fresh cut fries and poutine. They are inside Pocketz Billiards.

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Pocketz (Robz)
Pocketz (Robz)
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2012 Dec 4
Hello everyone! We wanted to join foodies in order to keep up with what our customers loved, or what we could do to make your experience even better.
It was amazing to already see a page created, also to see your feedback.
We are going to work our best to consider any suggestions you have and are highly appreciative of everyone's time and support while we get up and running. We never dreamed that we would become so popular, so fast.

Our waiting area is not too large, so we suggest calling in to place your orders (the phone issue has been addressed). If you have an order for more than ten people we do offer local catering services.

Thank everyone so much and we will be checking this website to make sure that everyone's voice is heard over at Robz.

PS If you go to our profile information on our location, menu and contact information are all available.

2012 Nov 28
Stopped for lunch and ordered the BBQ beef sandwich, pulled beef in a bbq sauce, bread was good and beef was tender but nothing over the top...just good. my friend ordered the slow top sandwich and it was very bland and the beef was cold, not sure if it was met to be cold but it should be mentioned on the menu, lacking in sauce and very basic toppings iceberg lettuce and tomatoes. I will be back since they have just opened but i really hope they step up.

2012 Nov 26
Well I gave Robz a 3rd chance today and took everyone's orders in my office for our lunchtime meeting. I called Robz at 11:20am and multiple times again until 11:45am to place our order. No one answered the phone and they have no voicemail.

Ironically, their website says "Call us anytime for any occassion". Website also says they are open at 11am on weekdays.

They just missed out on 10 lunch orders, and what would have been a guaranteed weekly order for them.

I hope someone from Robz reads this. I would call to voice my complaint but alas, no one would answer the phone anyway!

2012 Nov 21
They really need to get some extra help during the lunch hour. There were only 2 people working during my past lunchtime visits. The chef and a cashier. The cashier also has to get condiments, drinks, dressings etc, so the line of people waiting to place their orders gets quite backed up. The wait for food was pretty long as well.

Food was tasty (Bbq beef sandwich w/fries on my first visit. Second visit I left before ordering anything because I didn't have enough time to wait). I will defintely be back..but not until they've worked out their opening kinks and hired some more staff.

2012 Nov 15
Went there today after reading about it in the Citizen. They have seriously good sandwiches here. A regular sized sandwich on a bun with coleslaw and a pickle spear will set you back $5.00, the same on a ciabatta bun is $6.50. We both had the slow roasted back bacon which came with the aforementioned coleslaw and pickle spear and we also got some fries. The fries are excellent, fresh cut and nice and crispy. They had a soup of the day which was spicy turkey noodle for $3.00. They also sell poutine including a pulled pork poutine.

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