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2018 May 4
Went for a romantic dinner date and I must say I was impressed. Food was on point, Service was attentive, friendly, but not over the top!

We had the Pasta Special which basically blew my mind. It was so very good. It was also beautifully plated. The fresh pasta had just the right chew/texture to it - someones Nona would be darned proud. The toasted pecans, cheese (pecorino?) beet puree, mushrooms, spinach, and glorious short rib filling were just a harmonius match for each other.

The foie gras burger was also quite nice. It featured a high quality beef burger cooked to order (medium rare here), with a slice of foie gras and garnished with house pickles cheddar slice lettuce and a lightly flavoured mayo. The fries and mayo dip were a total hit for me - just the right amount of seasoning and hot & fresh cut. The only slight issue with all of this is that the burger was no quite as hot as everything else but the fries were super hot so maybe there was a hold up for fries before plating. It was still delicious.

Wine list was also very acceptable with a wide selection, and the dessert offerings looked very tasty as well. This cute spot has certainly matured and grown into its own!

2016 Jan 22
I went here on my birthday for dinner, and this is the rather large portion of beef tartare they served me. Underneath it is pate. It was delicious. Perfectly seasoned, and hit my tastebuds like an explosion of beefy goodness.

As well, dessert was great. I heartily recommend the chocolate Salami.

2014 Jan 24
Had a girls' catchup here for a party of 7. Both dinner and dessert were 100% well-received. I ordered the scallops with the housemade bacon (thick-cut, like spek). It was wonderful!

The bacon was just right - not too hard, with a crisp bite to it. The scallops had a nice crust and were soft on the inside. The greens and brussel sprouts were a light and flavourful complement to the fattiness of the bacon and the sweetness of the scallops.

I am not a fan of raisins (really, really don't like them), but I trust the kitchen here and they weren't wrinkly and gross. They were little golden pops of sweetness that added to the nice texture the overall dish had.

The server took the time to repeat the specials to each side of the table, made sure our drinks and water were full, and was quick to bring the receipts once requested. Great service and food! Love this place :)

2013 Jun 22
Made my first visit last night with SO and friend and was fairly underwhelmed.

The good:

- arancino was creamy goodness on the inside. A bit heavy but I was looking for some soothing carbs.
- the foie burger was well prepared
- cool space

The not so good:
- why do restaurants insist on not having anything in the dining room to absorb noise? Customer conversations sounded three times louder on the second floor and the din was compounded by bone-throttling bass on the sound system. The server turned down the music when we asked
- incredibly and inedibly oversalted fries
- understuffed mini calzones that were more breading than stuffing
- greasy kale on the featured hot dog
- very long wait for wine (owing to bar service only available on first floor we think)

I'll spend those hard-earned dollars elsewhere.

2013 Mar 18
I like the same-day reservation policy here, it allowed us to stop in at 8:30 on a Saturday night and be guaranteed a table.

We ordered cocktails from the extensive list, as well as craft beer. Was sad to discover the squash leek fritters were sold out so subbed in the arancino instead, which was fine, if small, though single one for $5 is a good deal? I also had the gin-cured trout which was stunning and Husband had the amazing foie burger. And hello, those fries. Yum.

Overall a cute spot, a bit sceney and the service wasn't special, but really exciting snacks.

2013 Feb 23
I'm a fan!

Dined there last night for the first time.

My first impressions started out quite negative as it a painfully slow start -- waiting for menus ... water ... cutlery. But once that was out of the way, we were finally on an upwards momentum.

Minus the initial glitch, the service was great; attentive but not over-bearing. Very friendly.

I really really enjoyed the food.

We ordered the shrimp pogos and arancino (fried risotto ball). Thoroughly enjoyed both -- so much so that I am eager to return to try the other items on their 'munchies menu',

For our mains, we ordered the foie gras burger (well cooked, well seasoned, good amount of foie gras) and steak & tates (I didn't taste it but my friend said it was very good).

We were both very satisfied with the entire dining experience.

It is rare for me to try a new restaurant in Ottawa and walk away so impressed. For me, Two Six Ate is a gem and I will return to indulge further.

2013 Feb 21
Just ate there last week myself. There was plenty to like: excellent casual service, a nice room that filled up but didn't feel cramped, and a good vibe. I had a lovely drink to start (prosecco cocktail), and we shared a bottle of decent red with our meal.

Hafta say -- I was wishing the food was just a bit better. It's totally possible I didn't order well, but it was just, as my Scottish mum says, a bit "Clyde-built". Which means, essentially, sturdy but heavy-handed. Also, a good server ought to steer you away from the "too much" options with some gentle guidance.

We shared a totally, incredibly, HUGE charcuterie plate (for $18). It was a meal in itself. The potted meat (whatever it was) was FAB. Less successful was the smoked duck (a bit dry), and I could have used a small primer on whatever cheeses we were eating.

My partner had the fois gras burger; I had the pasta special. TOO MUCH FOOD. The burger was declared tasty, but rich (as one might imagine). My pasta -- gnocchi filled with squash, enveloped in a duck confit ragu -- was over-the-top dense. Competent enough, but two wee gnocchi bits filled me. I should have had a salad. I would have preferred less, and more subtle.

At the price, it's a good, fun night out. Well worth a try, this place. I could see it working especially well if you had a small group.

2013 Feb 20
IMO there is absolutely not enough love being shown to this place but I can live with it, it means there's never a problem getting a seat.

Still I don't understand why they are currently flying under the radar: the service is friendly and attentive, the chicken wings are the best in the city, the beer selection is decent, the music isn't too loud, the prices represent incredible value for my money and the entire menu is loaded with TLC. The only problem is trying to find parking on Preston St but that is very much the only problem here.

2012 Nov 7
We went to this place Saturday night around 9pm - surprised we didn't run into Fresh Foodie.

I was not that impressed. The drinks all sounded interesting, but for the price I found them a bit too unrefined - It seems like each drink was just a bit off of what it was supposed to taste like. A bit too much of one ingredient or too little of another. For the price ($10-$11 each) I was hoping for more refinement (see the cheaper and much better drinks at Union for example)

We shared the arancino, the tuna-stuffed peppers, the calzones, and the tiramisu.

Arancino - good concept, but fairly bland.
Tuna / peppers - also bland, hard to eat with your fingers without getting super oily.
Calzones - where was the cheese?
Tiramisu - really tasty and a good portion size. Highlight of the meal.

So it was sad that the best part of our evening was the dish that was prepared hours earlier and was taken out of the fridge for us.

The decor and service was great, our server was attentive and friendly, not stuffy at all. The place was full and everyone seemed to be having a fun time. Great music was being played - one suggestion would be to get some better speakers, sounded kind of muffled from where I was sitting but that's not a big deal at all. Definitely enjoyed the soundtrack.

2 drinks and 4 shared dishes came to $62 after tax a tip. Considering the dishes were small and drinks only decent, I think it's too expensive and likely won't be back for a while. Or if I go back it will just be for dessert or one dish and a beer.

2012 Nov 7
I will vouch for the cheese and meat board - we have dropped by three time in the last month and each time re-ordered it. It is served on a piece of wood with their name stamped onto it which I thought was a nice touch.

The first time we had it with drinks for a mid-week snack shortly after they opened. Besides the cheeses everything else was made in house including two types of duck (smoked and prosciutto) and pickled vegetables.

The second time we visited, it was a Friday and the place was full to capacity. This time the charcuterie plate had the addition of homemade ricotta and pickled garlic. We also tried:
- The burger with fries the burger had foie torchon and onion tomato jam on top - nothing short of fantastic
- The Italian style banh-mi served with a side arugula salad homemade sausage, mortadella, smoked ham, eggplant, chicken liver and foie mousse this was amazingly scrumptious
- Pasta special which was two large ravioli filled with ricotta, lightly covered in a butter sauce and sprinkled with nuts

The third visit was a Thursday, again we found the place close to full. We repeated the charcuterie plate and the bahn-mi (because I had been dreaming about eating it again).

Each time we were seated right away and found the service to be friendly, efficient and competent. The wine list has a decent number of options by the glass but if I had one (tiny) criticism it would be that more variety would be a welcome addition.



2016 Jan 22
I went here on my birthday a few weeks ago, and only now uploaded the photo. This is their divine manhattan. Made right, served no ice in a proper coup glass, it is quite a treat, made with a perfect whiskey. Their aviation is also quite good, but I didn't snag a photo of it.