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Sold at the Ottawa Farmers' Market and several retail outlets. See website for more information.

Hummingbird Chocolate Maker
Foods from Hummingbird Chocolate Maker


2014 Aug 11
We stopped in at Hummingbird in Almonte while at the awesome Puppets Up festival on the weekend. They had maybe 6 chocolates out to sample and I think we tried them all. No duds, just goodness. Dd loved the fleur de sel and the maple, dw loved the maple and the Bolivia, I loved the Hispaniola, the Bolivia, and the Bo"Nib"ia (Bolivia with nibs); those 3 were excellent, had me swooning just like a week ago when I sampled some 5 yr old Beemster XO Gouda elsewhere.
Hummingbird Chocolate: chocolate that makes you think, then overcomes all thought.
Not cheap, but it is excellent.
Btw the bars I bought were made just days ago! Fresh chocolate. So good.

2012 Jul 14
I have tried their products and have been quite impressed. They are still a work in progress and I expect their offerings to get better. They were quite receptive to the feedback I had about one of their unreleased bars.

2012 Jul 14
We picked up 3 of their bars last weekend at the Ottawa Farmers' Market. Separately, I think they were $6 each for a 50 gram bar. Discounting for buying more than 1.

We picked up Ecuador, Peru and Hispaniola. Loved all 3 of them but I liked Hispaniola the best.

There are less than 1/2 dozen chocolate makers in Canada (those who actually make the chocolate right from the bean).

It sounds like they are trying to make their product available beyond the Sunday market and try to get it into retail stores. Plans right now are for JoJo Coco in Kanata and Alice's Village Cafe in Carp.

Has anyone else tried their bars?