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2013 Dec 28
Had a wrap for lunch last week from Cozmos, and was really impressed with the flavours. It was nice and filling. I had a side of the potato wedges, and they were nice and crispy with a hint of garlic butter. I was pleased with my first taste of Cozmos.

2012 Nov 12
OK - this comment is a little over the top (Owner/Manager) We had a spread of food last week at our Data Center on Baseline and it was OK ..not amazing - had better from Greek on Wheels. I would not order from there again.

2012 Nov 12
went for lunch for the first time and was amazed with the quality and the price. i had a gyro pita and potatoes, and those potatoes were the best potatoes i ever had,they were so good i cant stop saying potatoes. the pita was filled with gyro meat and there tzatziki was to die for. I also had a baklava dipped in chocolate and after i had it, i had to buy another one to bring home to my husband.

2012 Oct 30
Has anyone experienced any issues with cleanliness at Cozmos?

I personally haven't, but a friend mentioned to me that she found a bug in her food during a lunch visit, and when she pointed it out to the owner he would not acknowledge it, saying instead it was a "piece of burned chicken" from the spit....

I haven't gone back since I heard this story and if I go I certainly won't order a wrap, so I can do a visual scan of my plate...

2012 Jul 12
Generous serving of Greek salad (no olives) with chicken. Takeout format came with two containers of dressing and one of tzadziki. Visit #5 and still loving this place.

2012 Jul 8

2012 Jul 8
I recently ventured in to Cozmos Souvlaki after many trips past it. I am so happy I did! I've been many times already. The prices are great, the employees friendly and efficient, and the food is fresh and fast. Note that their debit system is VERY slow - they know this, and even have a light-hearted note posted to that effect.

It's not a place for a nice date, as the decor is basic - plain tables and chairs, so don't expect atmosphere. I'm just mention this as I saw a couple others comment on it elsewhere. Think of the seating more like a food court.

Wraps most often come "all dressed" with lettuce, tomato, onion and tzatziki, but a few other options are available - cucumber, hot peppers and feta that I can think of.

The photo is the chicken souvlaki wrap with Greek salad as a side. With a bottle of water, this came to $8.49.

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2013 Oct 6
love me some gyros mystery meat once in awhile and had always been curious about Cozmo's on Greenbank. this is a quick service, 'food court lineup' place with a small dining room attached. the dining area was hopping on a Friday night with a few big groups of Greek families holding court.

gyros meat is gyros meat to me so the most important issue is freshness/moistness, of which this was both. the potatoes were a real standout here - they are definitely deep fried at some point in the process, but don't come off as fries/potato wedges but rather a crispy roasted potato.

in traditional Greek fashion they give you an absolutely INSANE amount of rice, salad, and potatoes with the platters (~$12). with just a touch more meat you could easily feed 2 hungry people.

if you're looking for a quick and filling meal, Cozmo's will serve you much better than Greek on Wheels, imo!