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This is a beef or chicken spiced meat that is served in slices, either on a platter or in a wrap-style sandwich.

Gyros at Cozmos Souvlaki
Where to get Gyros



2013 Oct 6
love me some gyros mystery meat once in awhile and had always been curious about Cozmo's on Greenbank. this is a quick service, 'food court lineup' place with a small dining room attached. the dining area was hopping on a Friday night with a few big groups of Greek families holding court.

gyros meat is gyros meat to me so the most important issue is freshness/moistness, of which this was both. the potatoes were a real standout here - they are definitely deep fried at some point in the process, but don't come off as fries/potato wedges but rather a crispy roasted potato.

in traditional Greek fashion they give you an absolutely INSANE amount of rice, salad, and potatoes with the platters (~$12). with just a touch more meat you could easily feed 2 hungry people.

if you're looking for a quick and filling meal, Cozmo's will serve you much better than Greek on Wheels, imo!