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Luigi Panini
Luigi Panini
Luigi Panini
Luigi Panini
Luigi Panini
Luigi Panini
Luigi Panini
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2012 Aug 18
Dropped by for some gelato to check this place out. They had some interesting flavors of gelato from banana to PB&J. We had the PB&J and Oreo. both were good. Different than Stella not sure if it was sugar content but the consistence was a bit different. I did notice they had some focaccia out that looked very good and will have to try that next time we are in.

2012 Aug 17
Man those tacos looks good...i wouldnt of stopped by if i only knew!

2012 Aug 17
PS: the price was $8 for two (for comparison with other taco places in the city)

2012 Aug 17
Those fish tacos look fantastic...

Taco lot, take note.

2012 Aug 17
Walked in, ordered my usual caprese panini - HOLD IT - Special of the day: Fish tacos!

Two tacos, with a generous portion of fresh, perfectly grilled and seasoned grouper, mango salsa, sour cream (which i later realized was flavoured with wasabi), on a bed of arugula. Great flavours and everything fresh, I could have eaten at least 6 of them!

Wish I knew when they will be serving this again, but I'll never be disappointed with having to order a panini.

2012 Aug 13
Stopped by for a panini and decided to go with the Chicken panini with Mango, Avocado, Havarti cheese and Balsamic glaze.

I was really impressed in the chicken, a good breast and definitely marinated and all the ingredients worked well together.

Ill be back for the lobster melt!

2012 Aug 2
Stopped in today for a veal panini and an Affogato (espresso with vanilla gelato) at lunch today. Great sandwich, good decor and the affogato really hit the spot. Service was very good.

So glad I stopped in and can't wait to try the lobster panini the next time I'm in the area.

2012 Aug 1
My kids love gelato and I was very happy to learn that a gelato place was opening in the west end.
Usually we go downtown to either Pure Gelato or Piccolino Grande. Pure and Piccolino both have amazing gelatos and a great selection of flavours to choose from.

At Luigi's the selection is limited, 10-12 flavours, much like Stella Luna's. We ordered the pistachio, mango and rasberry flavours. All three were okay with rasberry being the best of the lot. Prefer Luigi's to Stella mainly due to proximity. Stella IMHO is overrated and not worth the trip.

Luigi's is a quaint little west end spot and I did appreciate them having cold lemon water available for it's patrons, a nice touch on a warm summer evening. Staff were all very friendly and accommodating.

Their panini selection looked very interesting, I'll definitely have to come back and sample.

If you live in the area this is a better option than the DQ across the street but I prefer Pure (favourite flavour - nocciola) or Piccolino (fav's - blueberry & rum fantasy) for gelato.

2012 Jul 31
Delicious!!! The best pulled pork sandwich in town!!! Ive been going around checking places out for pulled pork and by far this is the best one I have had yet!!Id recommend this to all you pulled pork lovers!!! Thumbs up!!! I cant wait to go back for the lobster melt!!!

2012 Jul 13
We shared a lobster melt today, and I appreciate most of what Captain Caper said about hot vs. cold lobster, but we really enjoyed this version. Lots of large chunks of lobster meat and although I liked the melted cheeses, it did make for a sandwich that was almost too heavy on the cheese. Very rich. We also split a creamy macaroni salad which had a nicely chewy texture and very fresh taste. We found that sharing the lobster melt and the salad was more than enough for two people. Many other good sandwiches on the menu, so I look forward to sampling some of the others which all sounded interesting.

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