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Aug 9
Tried the chicken here a couple of weeks ago, yum!

One of my friends would have tried the goat, but we didn't have time to wait for it so next time we go back we'll have to phone ahead so that he can.

The woman serving us was super helpful and recommended a couple of items as she guessed (correctly) that it was our first time there.

2017 Nov 25
I was at the Dalhousie location for lunch this week and they mentioned that they are expanding the seating area to include the business next door. This is great news, as it's difficult to get a table and takeout isn't very appealing on cold winter days.

The chicken is truly spectacular and the lunch specials are reasonable. A chicken leg with one side is $7 and an extra leg costs $2.50. This satisfying portion of rice and two lip-smacking legs was just over $10 after tax.

2017 Sep 16
This time I opted for the lunch special ($7) with breast meat instead of leg ($1.50) and a side salad ($2). The white meat was more filling than the single leg but it was also more dry. Even though the rice is really nice, I'd rather focus on the delicious chicken when I eat here...

So here's my optimal order (for next time!): chicken leg lunch special ($7) with an extra leg ($2.50) and salad instead of rice ($1). That'll be perfect. 😄

I used the shaker of cayenne on the counter to dial up the heat level of the chicken. I'm a proponent of the capsaicin approach to raising one’s metabolism because it sure beats standing naked in the snow.

2017 Sep 3
This chicken is sooooo delicious! Beautifully marinated and charcoal grilled. I had it for lunch and was dreaming of my next visit right away.

Lunch special is $7 for a 1/4 chicken (leg) with rice. I subbed salad in place of the rice (+$1) and added plantains (+$2) for a grand total of $10+tax for a really satisfying pile of delicious food!

I opted for the spicy chicken, which had a decent hit of heat without being too challenging. Next time, I'll sprinkle some of the available chili powder on it to get a real zing going. I'll also get extra meat, try the tasty looking rice, and skip the plantains (they were excellent but I'm not a huge fan of slightly sweet starchy foods in general).

Huge thumbs up!

2016 Jan 14
I've been remiss in never commenting here-- have had it several times over the last couple years, mostly as takeout from their Montreal Road location-- and the several times bit speaks for itself, I guess.

They don't shy from the spice if you order it that way, and the rice and beans and plantains are hearty and yummy.

The whole chicken dinner at $27.50 is larceny.. though come to think of it, I have no idea what the difference is between that and the 'whole chicken meal' at $15 more.. but I imagine both are good to get you and several others full.

2016 Jan 13
Yes. Also, your stomach.

And i'm hungry.

2016 Jan 12
OSoloMeal. Are you the voice in my head?

2016 Jan 12
TreePug: the only way I could agree with you more is if I was you.

...wait, hang on... are you me???

2016 Jan 12
I had to try it after reading about it here. I had the lunch special (chicken and rice) and it was delicious. Do your heart and soul some good; skip Popeye's and eat this guy's food.

2016 Jan 10
Man-o-man I wish Des. would consider opening a location in Orleans! ... chicken is succulent and spicy (the way I like it) or you can get regular (doesn't matter their both outstanding) ... rice and plantain ties everything together. I absolutely love this place ... everyone that works their are awesome! ... Please! ... whatever you do to the chicken ... DO NOT CHANGE YOUR SPICE RECIPE!



Jun 2
Just another gratuitous photo of the incredible charcoal-grilled spicy chicken available here! This was a double-leg lunch on a salad. So good!