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2016 Jan 12
I had to try it after reading about it here. I had the lunch special (chicken and rice) and it was delicious. Do your heart and soul some good; skip Popeye's and eat this guy's food.

2016 Jan 10
Man-o-man I wish Des. would consider opening a location in Orleans! ... chicken is succulent and spicy (the way I like it) or you can get regular (doesn't matter their both outstanding) ... rice and plantain ties everything together. I absolutely love this place ... everyone that works their are awesome! ... Please! ... whatever you do to the chicken ... DO NOT CHANGE YOUR SPICE RECIPE!

2014 Nov 6
I've been a regular since my earlier review and have nothing but love for the Montreal location.
Haven't tried Dalhousie yet.

ETA: tried Dalhousie this past weekend. It was great. Tasty, fast, dude at the front is awesome.

$24 for a whole chicken, mass of rice, ample plantain and a very nice salad, meal for 4, easy.

2014 Nov 6
It seems this particular rendition of piri piri/pili pili chicken has gotten top marks in the Ottawa Citizen's latest comparison of spicy grilled chickens. And has been duly added to my "to try" list :)


2012 Dec 10
With the caveat that I am a charcoal grilled chicken fanatic, I absolutely enjoyed the chicken plaintains and rice here.

I can't compare with the mythical and legendary YKO/Yre's combo, but this is some serious, serious chicken. There were not many bones left on my plate. Prices are excellent as well, about 13 for a whole chicken. You may have to wait a bit, but it is well worth it.

Once again, this place confirms my suspicion that some of the best eats in Ottawa are at the least assuming places...at incredible prices.

2012 Jun 26
Thanks for the timely review from OSoloMeal, I found a good place to pick up some food tonight!

I was driving from work to a meeting, about resigned to stop for some crappy fast food, when I saw Pili Pili and remembered that review I had read just a few hours earlier. So I stopped and ordered the half-chicken platter, spicy version.

Service was friendly, and bilingual, which is always a nice surprise for me in Ottawa.

Ate on a picnic table at Cité Collégiale before my meeting, and it was a great picnic indeed. Chicken perfectly cooked, crispy skin, meat just spicy enough for me, rice not overcooked (and even better once I had mixed some small bits of chicken in), salad fresh, plantain tasty... and very bad for me I'm sure.

I think that will be my regular stop on the way to those meetings now!

2012 Jun 26
Track back thru my reviews and you'll find one for the late lamented Yre's Chicken... a true hole-in-the-wall place that cranked out glorious bird and tasty plantain. Since it's closed (moved, i hear but have not confirmed), i have missed my spicy bird fix. And now i'm saved.

I spotted Pili Pili a few weeks ago driving along Montreal Rd. I actually mistoke the sign for 'piri piri' which is something else. I made my way there one Sat pm, mid June, and realized the sign was actually Pili Pili. It also promo'd charcoal grilled chicken. Not much to look at, a takeaway counter with a few stools up front, but a quick online search turned up some positive and recent reviews so hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained. And it smelled damn good.

And a good move it was.

Half a grilled chicken, spicy, with a pile of salad, rice and a nice portion of plantain was about $15.

The bird... rocked. Seriously, the seasoning was awesome (and they get it under the skin somehow), still juicy with a nice smoke and crisp from the charcoal grill, and not a skimpy bird at all.

Even better with the homemade seasoning in the little plastic container by the cash.

The plantains were perfect, except that i could have eaten about 60 more of them.

Rice was ok, had some veg in it, nothing special but vastly improved with some of the homemade seasoning mixed in.

Totally worth the dollars. Will be back, will send others.

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2018 Jun 2
Just another gratuitous photo of the incredible charcoal-grilled spicy chicken available here! This was a double-leg lunch on a salad. So good!