Mia opened the restaurant with a partner, his eldest son Mostafa, a graduate of Algonquin College's hospitality program. Also working the front end is Meenara Akter, Mia's daughter.

"Now my own business ... 20 years I work in other restaurants ... now my restaurant," said Mia from his new establishment, Mia's Indian Cuisine, located at the site of a converted Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet.

Mia's Indian Cuisine
Mia's Indian Cuisine
Mia's Indian Cuisine
Foods from Mia's Indian Cuisine

2017 Jul 15
No no no no. This place is potato. I went threw for before a started. i as a lover of korma decided to order a splendilty tasty dish. Here is the thing. When your korma tastes like sugar, and nothing else that means that this is white people food. It had no taste. it was like eating candy. I've never knew curry to be this sweet. i like a nice flavour korma. the one at the once amazing Indian Express.

2016 Jul 29
New location on St Laurent just north of Hemlock. As good as the Richmond location.

...which is to say 'happiness in Indian food form'.

2015 Jan 3
We got the "Family Dinner for two (B)" for $38.95. This included:

* appetizer dish - 2 pieces each: samosa, pakora, chicken tikka
* mango pickle - generous and super tasty
* rice - plain, with a clove or two added
* butter chicken - sweeter and blander than we generally like, looked like a half portion
* lamb bhuna - we asked for medium heat and it was super tasty, with generous meat
* naan bread - one piece, was excellent
* gulab jamun - two generous balls. Excellent (with pronounced cloveyness).

All in all we were very pleased. The food isn't quite as good as our favourite Little India Cafe -- especially the butter chicken -- but the quality per dollar is great! And it was ready pretty much on time, half an hour after we called.

I just realized now that we didn't get the papadums mentioned on the menu. Even so, a wonderful feast: enough for leftovers in most households.

2013 Feb 22
Date night last night, and the food was outstanding. We had a chicken dansak, a curry made with lentil, tandoori lamb, and eggplant bhaji. We split an onion bhaji to start. Everything was really good. Our favorite was the dansak. The spice levels were on par with what we ordered (i.e. Medium spicy was actually somewhat spicy - not toned down). The flavors of the various spice mixtures really came through, and I found them unique, compared to the rather bland flavor I've experienced at other Indian places. I'm not referring to heat here either, but rather the spice blend.

Again, I highly recommend Mia's, its really really good food, and very friendly service.

2013 Feb 14
I had a great dinner at Mia's last weekend.
The service was very efficient and friendly.
We ordered naan, butter chicken, aloo gobi and rice. The aloo gobi was delicious, however we had ordered it as mild and found that it had no spice at all. The server happily took it back to the kitchen and had the spice level adjusted to medium.
Unfortunately we were not a fan of the butter chicken. It was overly sweet and tasted like they had added coconut milk to it.
The naan bread was some of the best I've ever had.

2012 Jul 16
I'm not sure how to add it, but here is the link to their new website with menu and phone. I've also taken all of their info to google maps.


2012 Jul 11
Does anyone have the phone number for ordering take out? I can't find a listing online.

2012 Jul 11
I did a quick pick up at Mia's yesterday. I ordered a Naan, rice and lamb masala. It all survived the ride back to Carp, although the smell drove me crazy - it smelled so good. The Naan was great, my kids ate most of it. I got the masala spicy (so my kids wouldn't eat too much of it :). The Masala was very good. Also had some lemon in it, which was refreshing. The lamb was a bit chewy, but was tasty enough. The rice was perfect. Definitely among the best indian I've had in the city and I've only tried one dish. I wish they could somehow collaborate with the cheshire cat ...

2012 Jul 7
I think all the kinks have been worked out. Service was friendly quick and efficient. The chicken vindaloo was very good I asked to have it the way the chef would eat it and it came very hot yet you could still taste the flavors. There was a fair amount of lemon zest flavor present and not oily compared to most vindaloo dishes I have tried. The sag aloo with potato was different than we were used to with larger chunks of onion and spinach. The lamb rogan josh was very good not being much of a lamb fan but I would order this dish since it did not have that strong New Zealand flavor to it. Rice well it was rice nothing special or different. The naan came a few minutes after the pic and I did notice it had a slight sweetness to it. Very good meal I would go again but they definitely need an IPA on their beer list to complete the experience.

2012 May 21
We tried Mia just last week in its first week. Food was outstandingly delish. We could not have expected more. Still some kinks to work out, but watch out Ottawa when this place gets those ironed out. Amazing food, great price. Good luck!