Pizza at Anthony's Pizza
Pizza at Anthony's Pizza
Pizza at Anthony's Pizza
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2017 Dec 3
The italian style chicken wings were interesting. Not saying good. Not saying bad. Interesting. Though I probably would have preferred a more traditional wing.

The pizzas were very good with the caveat that it would be really nice if they could spread the ingredients around better instead of just having big giant blobs of a single ingredient in a few places. I'm sure the hipsters just love that sort of thing but for us it meant that only one slice of pizza had any roasted red pepper on it. And it had a LOT of it

2018 Jun 5
Capricciosa pizza at the Bank st location. Lots of ham and artichoke made this deliciously, but not overly, salty. I much prefered this to the margherita but that was also some real good pie.

2017 Jul 19
Pizzas were great - though the 2 year old was a little pickier than the rest of the crew as the photo shows.

2016 Apr 26
Have been here several times now since they've opened - some massive improvements have been made. No more burnt flour coated crusts. Consistent thickness with the dough has been achieved. I had the namesake Anthony's Special recently and it was really tasty - gorgonzola, mozza, spinach and garlic. Lots of flavour there. They make a very good pie. The best? Perhaps not, but solid nonetheless.

Service is quick and friendly, the TV is always on at the bar with a soccer match on.

2016 Feb 7
We came here after hearing all kinds of wonderful things about their pizza. It's a good wood oven pizza but we've had tastier products at several other restaurants in town.

The Margherita ($13, rear in pic) was decent, but came across as a little bland. I'm used to more salt, either in the tomato sauce or the dough. Thankfully, they didn't sprinkle the pizza with cheap crappy dried Parmesan cheese like most places do, although they did have the stuff in a shaker on the table.

The Gianni ($17, foreground) was tasty and not at all bland, thanks to the spicy salami. In retrospect, I think the Margherita was bland because the dough and sauce here are seasoned with the expectation of being covered with toppings that have more savoury punch than basil leaves.

My daughter doesn't like authentic pizza, so she had the Spaghetti and Meatballs. The tomato sauce was sweet and the meatballs were dense and dry. Most Italian food in Ottawa makes me so sad.

I tried the "Pizza wine" -- a fizzy and sweet red wine (2014 Gragnano, Vini Iovine, Napoli) that was very enjoyable, much like sangria without fruit. $8 for a small glass.

Further tainting the experience, my family was seated at a round table under a rather horrid compact fluorescent lamp. We felt quite disturbed looking at each other's pallid faces in the harsh light. I think the atmosphere in there would be vastly improved during daylight. Go for lunch!

2012 Jun 17
Wow! I don't know which Anthonys pizza was mentioned but really the one on Wellington street west is just awful!
Dry crust, blackened flour at the bottom, tasteless sauce and mozzarella the cheap kind that goes really gummy when melted.
So give it a miss and make at home !

2012 Jun 16
Anthony's is a wonderful addition to Hintonburg! I've been there twice in the past couple of months, and have had an incredible meal of authentic Italian thin crust pizza, served with warm hospitality. The ambience is laid-back, with an Italian flair- there's even a small t.v. at the bar showing soccer games. The experience and tastes are very much what I've enjoyed in Italy; I lived in Europe for ten years, and I can honestly say that this rivals the best pizza I've had in Rome!

2012 May 3
I reviewed this dump in the New Openings Forum thread. I didn't think it warranted a new vendor entry, but now realize it's worthwhile if only to warn others not to bother. I wish I could give 2 thumbs down.

2012 May 3
I went to Anthony's for lunch yesterday hoping to like it after hearing mixed reviews at work. After reading the Citizen review, I thought it seemed worth trying.

Unfortunately, this place did not live up to the Citizen review at all. I felt like I was in a different place than the one that was described there.

I had a Canadese pizza with pepperoni, mixed peppers and mushrooms. ($14, I think?)

The pizza itself was quite dry, and the crust so coated with flour that it is all I could taste. Neither the sauce nor the toppings stood out and I believe I know why.

Looking back into the kitchen while we waited, I could see all kinds of canned ingredients, many of which I recognized from the shelves at Costco and Food Basics (because of those distinctive blue labels). Cans of tuna, bottles of artichokes, sitting there for everyone to see. I was waiting to be disappointed when I spotted a can of mushrooms that were going on my pizza.

There is no reason to eat out for pizza when this is what is going on my pie. At this price point, I don't think that the expectation of fresh ingredients is outrageous.

I left disappointed, one of the worst meals out I've had in a while, and will not return.